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most aweome animes ik:
-berserk (19 version)
most badass anime, till yet there exist no anime even close to this, the 2016+ version is sadly fked up by to cheap animation studio :/ but manga should be rlly good
best animation studio + awesome fights, there are like ~4 versions, the first & second version best ones

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@Bartman i would like to try berserk, I just finish watch Reborn in another world as a slime i dunno the title in japan... But it was really badasslicking, it about a slime that can steal other power by eating them and it can mimic it too... It mc was so op... I like when other underestimate him xD. damn it been so long that i watch a really good anime

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@yuriko said in Suggest Anime/Manga:

@Bartman i would like to try berserk

watch it men, in my eyes the best anime if u are up for badass fights & no shonen

also + forgot to mention: gintama, it have 2 ways, one is comedy (the only anime comedy i really laught besides zoro from one piece), the other side awesome fights aswell, thought i dont like what they did with last season, could be alot better

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Fullmetal Alchemist:BrotherHood
Plastic Memories
Shingeki no Kyojin
Boku no Hero Academia
Kill la kill
Kaguya-sama Love is War
Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon
Mirai Nikki
No game No life
Shigatsu kimi no uso
Yakusoku no neverland
One Punch Man
Violet Evergarden
Rakudai kishi no cavalry
High School of the dead
Code Geass:Hangyou no lelouch
Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai
Kimetsu no yaiba
Angel Beats
Elfen lied
Made in Abyss
Sakamoto desu ga?
Steins Gate
Youjo Senki

One Punch Man
Shingeki No Kyojin

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