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Cuban Cars

Employee Portfolio: Hotfire


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General Information
Nickname: Hotfire
Account name: hotfire4021
Age: 19
Country of residence: USA
Time spent in Cuban Cars(~): 3 years
Current role (Mechanic, Impounder, Mentor): Mechanic
Roleplay Name (If used, else leave blank): Mr.Klaus
Current Journey in Cuban Cars (min. 100 words): Well I joined Cuban Cars Around 2016 or so. It was during their Live rec I believe and I was of course super excited to be apart of the rec. We did some Rp's with other mechs and all went well for me. Then eventually CC invited me into their group as their Mechanic. There I was my first time being apart of CC. After passing probie time and after some months as a full member, I finally got into impounder division. Here I was so proud of myself and impounding vehicles ;D. The year of 2018 is when I became inactive for a full year. I was just busy with irl things and was playing other games. Now I came back fully active and back as mechanic hopefully trying to get my impounder membership back

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