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Employee Portfolio: Kasparov


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~[General Information]~(sienna,black)

Nickname: Kasparov
Account name: kasparov
Age: 24
Country of residence: Portugal
Time spent in Cuban Cars(~): since 30/09/2018
Current role (Mechanic, Impounder, Mentor): Impounder, since January 2019
Roleplay Name (If used, else leave blank): Miroslav Niculae
Current Journy in Cuban Cars (min. 100 words): Since i joined the CC family, back in September 2018, i was always interessed in playing around such lovely and friendly guys - i was already part of SWAT, at the time, so being part of a respectfull and well organized group didn't weight that much on my shoulders. Couple months pass by, and after getting used to a couple RP's and Activities around San Andreas, i decided it was time to step up and apply for the Impounder position. Due to in real life situations, i must admit that my number on impounded vehicles is not that high, and not only that, most of those activities are not posted on forum, but on discord, which can make the track of these things a bit difficult. At the moment, i'm doing my best to get back on my truck and keep grinding those "impounded vehicles" stats.

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