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What stats have to be tracked ?


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Hello community :)

I've been looking trough github but didn't see any issue that grouped together all the /stats that we would like to see added to the game (theres some spread out in diffrent trackersbut it might be nice to group them all then whoever is adding them doesn't have to look trough all of the issues to find one here and there)

The ones that are in the github right now:

  • Players healed with ambulance/maverick (Paramedic)

  • Deliveries done (Delivery man)

  • Bales produced and sold (Farmer)

  • People transported (Taxi,Limo, Bus drivers)

  • Pilot Deliveries (Pilot)

  • Money earned trough selling guns ( Arms dealer)

  • Money earned trough selling drugs (Drug dealer )

  • Money earned trough selling food (Pizzaboy)

  • Money earned trough bribing (Police)

I don't really play cop or crim side so I'm not aware of what stats are actually being tracked so please comment below and I'll keep the topic and github updated.

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