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Cuban Cars

Employee Portfolio: Exile


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Nickname: Exile
Account name: captaindmer
Age: 17
Country of residence: USA
Time spent in Cuban Cars(~): About a month and a half
Current role (Mechanic, Impounder, Mentor): Mechanic
Roleplay Name (If used, else leave blank):
Current Journey in Cuban Cars (min. 100 words): I joined Cuban Cars during the first week of July,since then,i've really dedicated myself to doing mechanical services all around San Andreas because I have a passion for it. It's a good paying job,and we do lots of events that intrigue me too. So far I've been posting in the media archive a lot to show my activity within the group,right now I don't have internet though,hopefully that'll be back soon. September is coming up soon which will begin my 3rd month of being in the cuban cars organization. Hopefully,I can show more of my activity during that month also.

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@DBMoodyBlues said in Izanagi Clan - Media Archive:

^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[Roleplay#: 24]


^[ @Avengr @Exile ]


^[alt text]

^[ - Down with the sorrow - ]

^[Subashi, one of Exile's pupils in the clan had recently died. Since most of Izanagi are orphans, Subashi would see Exile as a father to him and Exile would see a son on him. He was a young man with a bright future in the clan as he was trying to go to college to take a Business degree to give the clan a hand. Unfortunately, he'd die in a car crash against a motel, apparently, he was alone and with a high percentage of alcohol in his blood. Exile was destroyed and was later found in a bar, drowning his sorrow with booze.]

^[alt text]

^[ - Unveiling - ]

^[Mr. Hrnandez was aware of the situation. He called Exile if he wanted to check Subashi's car since it still wasn't removed from the crash scene. Exile agreed because he had something in mind. Arriving at the scene and not seeing Subashi's body there anymore, Exile could only sob and hope that Subashi would be in a better place.]

^[alt text]

^[- Remnants -]

^[Exile wanted to fix the car and keep it in the clan's garage as a kind of 'trophy' so the members would know that recklessness has its price. No one is immune to death. Such is the clan's philosophy. Mr. Hrnandez was kind enough to fix it for free.]

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