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Bunny's DM Zone Wednesdays!


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Every wednesday, from now on, at 16:00 IG Time I'll be hosting deathmatch zone! There will be gun/drug sell in front of zones, and the zone will change on weekly basis :). It'll be admin covered, meaning that breaking rules inside the area can be punished.

We have one currently going on! The time of deathmatch zone will vary of the amount of participants. Current one going in LV! In future events, all the money gathered from drug & weapon sale will be used to an event after the dm zone!

Every spawn, except admin and LWS are allowed
Special abilities (Headshots, blipless, VIP spawn RPG and that) are allowed within the DM Zone
Don't kill the vendors (Drug/Bribe/Guns)
Have fun!


21.8 Las Venturas DM Zone
28.8 Bayside DM Zone (16:00 server time)
4.8 ???


Future plans:
-'ll probably be adding more stuff for the duration of DM Zone: Vehicles (Hunters, hydras. Make a ceiling so they cannot be drove away from the area.
-DM Islands
-Small towns used as areas
-and much more!

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