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Outbreak Organization - Application Format


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Application Format



Here is the application format if you are willing to apply for our organization whenever the recruitment is open this way.

Recruitment is now CLOSED

Guide yourself to our announcement topic if you have any questions regarding the Recruitment Status.



Application Information:

  1. First of you need to create a topic in the link below: Applications - SAES:RPG (saesrpg.uk)
  2. The Title will go like this: [Outbreak Application] Name (Failing to this will guide you to an instant denied).

  3. Please don't spam your application topic, edit if you have to, otherwise, you will be denied.

  4. Do not post activities in your application topic but you can share your screens at the ''activities'' channel in OutBreak discord (not necessarily), here: https://discord.gg/ntd7zsm

  5. Last but not least, we take into consideration your application look, so make a proper and clean application.

Requirements to apply for Outbreak

  • The applicant must be +15 years old.
  • The applicant must have at least 1-year experience in SAES: RPG
  • The applicant must attend and show yourself with the official OutBreak JailBreaks in-game while trying to join the organization.
  • Not being part of a gang isn't an obstacle as long as the applicant is not part of a squad.


  • We are a criminal organization, there's is no need for you to leave your current gang.
  • Don't apply if you're part of a squad or ~[Secret Service, HLS, Desert Eagles]~(violet), you will be denied the right way.
  • Won't base on your application in order to invite you, although it has to be a decent one, otherwise, you will be denied.
  • Outbreak members will vote for the worthy players.


Failing to use the application as shown below will decrease your chances to join the organization.

**In-game nick :**

**How long have you been playing in SAES?:**
**Why do you want to join us?:**
**Current gang and group memberships and ranks:**
**Do you know anyone inside the organization?**

**Show us a screen of you JBing:**



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