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  1. AA Media Archive

    SF - LV BR 2017-02-09
  2. Hej bubbis :DDD

    1. sweman

      Hej min lilla fina bubbis :PP

    2. Linkan

      Hehe :DD


  3. AA Media Archive

    SF BR - 2017-02-03
  4. Linkans Donate Change

    All cars removed as planned. 8 Cars placed. I will update this topic with the rest cars later on. Thanks.
  5. Linkans Donate Change

    I do also have 2 icons at LS Airport. Wich i want to be removed and i also want 2 new icons at my Heli and my Shamal. Wich Ardron never made on my last reward change wich is 4 months ago. @Ardron
  6. Linkans Donate Change

    Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 170 When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? Sometime in October Why do you need this change? The vehicles i got atm at LV is kind off never used anymore. And i want to use them. So i want to move em to somewhere where i spend more time. Links to your donation topics: Links to your previous donation changes requests: ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1:Squalo Vehicle 2:Infernus Vehicle 3:Skimmer Location: AA Base ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1:Super GT Vehicle 2:Infernus Vehicle 3:Bullet Vehicle 4:Stalion Vehicle 5:Sabre Vehicle 6:Huntley Vehicle 7:Turismo Vehicle 8:Comet Vehicle 9:Cheetah Vehicle 10:Sultan Vehicle 11:Picador Location: Behind LV Casino all the cars you can find on this pic. Start with the green sgt and just continue to the end "Purple Cheetah" ======================================================================== Part IIIII: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Picador Vehicle 2: Infernus Vehicle 3: Sabre Vehicle 4: Super GT Vehicle 5: Cheetah Vehicle 6: Bobcat Vehicle 7: Comet Vehicle 8:NRG (IN AA BASE NEXT TO THE OTHER ONE) Location: Next to AA base Username: linus111560 I WILL UPDATE THIS TOPIC WITH THE REST CARS LATER ON Thanks
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  8. Just beware of this people...

    If you did check the picture a bit better that photo can be found at www.ihumpthings.com
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  10. AA Media Archive

    LS - LV BR 08-01-17
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