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  • "Real Shit : Name: LinusAge: 19 (1997/12/16)Gender: ManCountry: Sweden Ingame Shit : Name: Lichen / LinkanYears Played: About 5-6 NowDonated: 170 GBPGroups: Taxi El Centrino Gang/Squad:  Arms Assassins…"

Real Shit :

Name: Linus
Age: 19 (1997/12/16)
Gender: Man
Country: Sweden

Ingame Shit :

Name: Lichen / Linkan
Years Played: About 5-6 Now
Donated: 170 GBP
Groups: Taxi El Centrino 
Gang/Squad:  Arms Assassins


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  1. Show us your car!

    Aight im back here again xD. I've sold my cars due i've quit my job and wont get a sallary for few months. So now i've buyd a new car wich is a Volvo s70 T5 its chipped and got around 330hp in the engine.
  2. count to 1,000,000

  3. Official Quote Wall

    @Teddybear While testing the Taxi in Centrino Base!
  4. Linkans Change

    Part I: How much have you donated for the sever? 170GBP When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? Why do you need this change? I want to add 2 more vehicles in Centrino Base as our Cabbies are always busy when i need one. So i better add myself 2 for my own. Links to your donation topics: Links to your previous donation changes requests: ======================================================================== Part II: What I Want to be Removed Nothing. I already got 11 vehicles placed and i need some few more now. ======================================================================== Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Cabbie Vehicle 2: Cabbie Location: Centrino Base In Lv Username: linus111560 And i still would like to get a Icon at my Shamal and my maverick!
  5. About Blaster..

    I see what you did there haha xD
  6. Well i just love to RP and the RP we got atm is too poor. /me command is not used good enough in my opnion. I've rped with few players and most off them are using as little words as possible when they rp. I like when the rps are bein good and not shortened. When your getting pulled over from a cop. i want to see things like this. /me Rolls Down the windo "The Officer wanna see your License." /me Reaches down into my pocket and drags my wallet out off it, Opens the wallet and find the License and pulls it out and gives it to the officer. Thats how a Pull over should be handled, A short example tho. Well i got few ideas to improve the rp and to enyoy the gameplay a bit more. You can find them Bellow! 1. Get some stores avaible around the map where you are eligable to buy things. Like Bags , Suitcase , helmets , normal ciggarets. Why a Helmet you would say? Well who the fuck drives a Bike without a helmet if you aint hardcore. And it makes a good rp. And Polices should stop anyone whos not wearing the helmet driving a bike. Simple. the Helmet should be stored in your Bag Inventory and you put it on/off via pressing it in the Bag Inventory Why Suitcase? Well this is will be used to have an small inventory as in real life you are able to have objects in your suit case. Ofc there should be a limit off how many objects/things you can have in the Suitcase. And mostly how handsome aint it to go around wearing an Suitcase? More about this bellow! Why Bags? This would also be to store some objects in. Like drugs and your helmet and cloths if your spawn have more cloths. So you can change skin via the bag! More about this bellow! Ciggarets? This is only for roleplay. Who said its not roleplay to smoke? When you lights up a ciggaret via the bag inventory it should come up like a text or smth in the local /me sayin "Linkan Takes up a pack off ciggarets from his Bag and lights one up" for example. Fix some Inventory system where you can have a the Bag / Suitcase in where you can enable it etc. And where you also can have your Driver License. "Yes a Driver License. More about this bellow!" Your inventory should be acces able via a button or via the F1 menu or M panel. For example Press button "i" and your inventory is open or ALT GR as it used to be. 2. Bag/Suitcase system. Well. If you did buy an Suitcase or an Bag in the store. Your peds Inventory mentioned over should get more spots to use. The bag maybe gives you 15 spots. While the suitcase only gives you 5? When the player have activated the bag/suitcase he should be wearing the suitcase/bag and everyone else shall see it aswell. Bag would be like the Para bag, Suitcase like the suitcase you get from sr's 3. Driver License. Well i've plaid saes for years. And i really tought this would come by the time but no. This is a total rp thing wich would be cool as fuck and awesome for Police Officers stoping drivers. Players shall need to take a driver license. Ofc they can drive cars illegal if they want to. But if you dont. You can go to the Government to apply for a driver license. That means you gotta answere to some few questions about driving laws. If you pass you passed the driver license test. And your new Driver License will be finded in your invetory. When you apply for the Driver License. You gotta write down your name on it. Then you shall be able to give your driver license to others so when cops stop you they should be able to see your driver license via theirs inventory or smth. 4. Civilians. Most off the Civilian Jobs are underpaid as fuck. Like Medics. Wtf its like 80dollar for 90 hp. Taxis? you gotta drive sm1 in ages to even gain 10k I drove a full cab with Centrino members for 1 hour. I ended up with 20k if im right. 1 hour for that? Mechanic should also be a bit paid up. 5. Payn Sprays. They aint realistic at all. But i got the suppose why we got them. Make the wait time abit longer than it is atleast. It does not take 2 secs to repair a car wich is almost on fire. It should depend on how much damage the car has. Lets say my car has 80% damage. And i need to repair it. Then it should maybe take like 5-10 secs. To make it atleast a little more realistic. 6. Ambulance Healing. Remove the current system off that. Please. The longer the player sits in the cab the more hp it gets. It should raise and raise. Not get filled directly. Also to make that more realistic. 7. Make some sort off Taxi Calling script. So lets say my friend Jonas wants to call me for a taxi then he do /taxi Linkan. And i getup a notification in chat that he calls. And we can write towards eachother as like we are talking in a Phone call with for example /call Hey sir. My name is Linkan. You need a cab? - /call Hello. Im Jonas. Im at east ls near Stadium you coult get me up there? you get the point. Also brings more rp to Taxi Side. And as it was befor. if they do /taxi it shall be how it is now. If Jonas does /taxi linkan. Only i can see the marker where he is. Simple. 8. Buy Food and Eat Later. Fix so you can Buy food at the resturants and take it with you. And save it in your bag and eat it whenever you want. By just pressing the food in the inventory and your eating. Needs a re-make off the current system tho. 9. Fast Food. Fix so you can Drive in to the resturants. I dont think i need to say much more about this. 10. Modshops. Well they aint realistic but fuck that. Make the price higher in it. 100 Dollar to change your paint job? wtf. Raise the money. Money should be worth something. Your cars should not be cheap to use. 11. Car Tax. Yes CAR TAX. Its time. We should have a system so you pay taxes owning vehicles! The more cars you have the expensiver it gets. 12. Selling cars to no one? Wtf. We need a second hand. Make a system so we can put our own cars onto a second hand dealer. So maybe im tired off my V8 Super GT and wants to sell it for a cheap price. So i put it out for maybe 500k then Jonas comes there and sees it as hes a poor guy and Buys it directly. Both partys is happy. 13. Vehicle Damage. When you've crashed down your car to maybe 50% damage or more. Its time for the car to run bad. maybe turn off a few times and not goin in its full speed. "ITS TIME FOR A REPAIR" When you've camed to the movement when your car is down at it almost is on fire. Its time to call a Mechanic. It should not be drive able. Call a Mechanic to get it repaired. Or towed to nearest Payn Spray! 14. Re-add the Save Weapons Function when you gets into jail. It should not be free to save your guns while goin into jail. A fee should be paid for atleast over 5k. Remember you gotta "bribe" the cop wich puts you into jail to save your guns! Well these is all i got for this time. If i get few mores il just simply write them up and post a new one later on! Keep Feedbacks goin if you got some ideas about what i've asked for now!. Anyways Cheers!! // Linkan
  7. Drug Dealer Sell

    Or that you can go and buy an bag or smth in a store, The Bag gives you an inventory where you can store things in your bag. Bag system should be able to toggle on/off when ever you feel like that means inventory follows off when you turns off the bag system. And in the bag you can store your drugs and other things can also be used by this bag system. Ofc you should wear the bag while having the system on! Im getting up a list off few ideas wich would improve the roleplay and the gameplay itself wich more off this idea will be on.
  8. Mta map converter

    I dont have an MTA Instance at my C disk. So i installed it on my D disk. If thats the case il just ignore it, haha
  9. Mta map converter

    The installer is broken. You just get the uninstal files into the resource browser.
  10. Forza Horizon 3

    I did buy the Forza Horizon 3 ultimate Edition the same day the game got released. did buy it on PC tough. Using my G27 for it. Its a good game if you like such games.
  11. !!

    Worst thing i've listened on today
  12. AA Media Archive

    SF - LV BR 2017-02-09