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Earned SAPA Rewards :  

k131.png Activity on SAPA forum.

k131.png For my loyality.

k131.png  For great support on Maryondo internal investigations and my current great job on SAPA




Contact Major Zeking for any kind of external Squad or company ProCop testing. Check his monthly results on the external ProCop applications. He is in charge of assigning Instructors for non SAPA related ProCop testing. http://saesrpg.net/t...panies-on-saes/


Contact if
- you are a SAPA Mentor and you need help in testing others for PC
- you are a PC tester from another lvl3+ Squad, and you need a kick-start tutorial on how to do PC Finaltests.
- you are playing and RPing as Cop and you dont know who to show your skill to and who to patrol with to get attention
- if you are unsatisfied with another SAPA instructors PC Finaltest results
- if you have questions regarding the PC Finaltesting from other Squads

SAPA|Zeking|HQ Status : Active  ( zeking ) (http://saesrpg.net/user/7942-zeking/)




This topic explains how to get recognized for an external PC Finaltest if you are not a SAPA Member.http://saesrpg.net/t...hq-procop-test/


Call this person if you encounter any kind of problem, or you need a solution to any kind of issue. If needed, Maryondo will contact me, however Maryondo is authorized to deal with anything and you can trust his judgement. 
 Call this person if
- you want to sign in a report about a SAPA member or a ProCop Member, or any Member of any other Squad.
- if you see any official squadmember abuse any of its powers
- to hand confidential proof and witness acounts via pm !!   (can be trusted not to reveal identities)
- if you want to set up a contract of any kind, bewteen sqauds
- if you want an alliance or meeting setup with the SAPA HQ
- if you want to report a high ranking SAPA Members and not want to reveal your identity

SAPA|Maryondo|HQ - Status : Active (maryondo) (http://saesrpg.net/u...pa-hq-maryondo/)



Those are the SAPA Instructors. They are in charge of leading the SAPA ProCop Trainees. They are in charge of Operations. They also have the Licenses to finaltest for ProCops, however they have to focus on Training and Testing the PC Trainees of SAPA. If there is time, a SAPA Instructor can be assigned through Major Zeking to finaltest an external squad or company member. 
Contact these persons if
- you are a SAPA Trainee and u need a heli or drivers license.
- you want to request a specific type of training at a specific date
- you would like to join SAPAs Trainings to learn more about being a ProCop
- you would like to know what to do to get into the SAPA Training program
- you want to know what you have to do to get a PC FinalTest as an external Squadmemer
- you want to show your RP Cop Skills to high ranking SAPA Officers to show that you are ready for the PC Test
SAPA|Jonas|     - Status : Active 

SAPA|Angelo - Status :Active


Other SAPA Profiles


Dont expect to get a fast answer because those members do a lot of forum work and organizing the internal Squad related stuff. They are not checking theyre mail everyday and they are currently dont have so much time for external stuff so they got to prioritize whatever they do for SAPA


SAPA|Tony|HQ -  Status : Inactive  (als5) (http://saesrpg.net/user/7851-tony/)

SAPA|iStar|HQ -   Status : Inactive   (starwasfan02) (http://saesrpg.net/u...-starwarsfan02/)
SAPA|Wes|Chief - Status : Active (wesrpswat) (http://saesrpg.net/user/3986-wes/)


Stole in Wes's profile !





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  2. This is an automated post for: zekingDonation: GBP 30.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! Thank you for your donation! Hello Sir, I would like 2 FBI truck (with NOS if possible ) in SAPA base. There is two place in the garages ( One truck locked for : zeking - tut - estinogen - pera98 / second truck ( If possible pinked ): zeking - tut - estinogen ) And one police Helicopter at SAPA - helipad ( locked for : zeking - estinogen - dembo ) I would like medium interior #12 at my house in Las Venturas : https://imgur.com/a/ZS3Ms <- Sorted by Tut PS: I didn't get my interior about my first donation Can I have Interior #11 in Los Santos, <-Sorted by Tut https://imgur.com/a/5exyE and remove the car ( It is not mine ) Thank you very much !
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  6. This is an automated post for: zekingDonation: GBP 30.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! Thank you for your donation!
  7. SAPD :: Shadowlog

    Applicant: Horrible Link to the application: Link to Pro Cop sign in: Tested by: ZeKinG Invited by: ZeKinG
  8. SAPD :: Shadowlog

    Applicant: TheMrBank Link to the application: Link to Pro Cop sign in: Tested by: ZeKinG Invited by: ZeKinG
  9. SAPD :: Shadowlog

    Applicant: Trex Link to the application: Link to Pro Cop sign in: Tested by: zeking Invited by: zeking
  10. Evening all, Today as planned, we participated in the protection of the O vs NSA game at 19h server time. There were more than 30 spectators and we have secured the spectator part and so the match takes place without problems. Here some screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/jKGZg If you are interessed to join the group, your application is welcome here : If you are interessed by the SSP protection, Contact @Laza @Siddman @zeking Have good night !
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