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  1. Hello, maybe this is a question, an advice, or a suggestion, but truth is I dont give a fuck. In the first place I would like to say that hence we are very probably going to the new forums managing donation vehicles would be much quicker and easier done in-game with a well scripted panel, pointed for example at rich greedy cunts like me that have 24 vehicles, which takes me to a second suggestion of letting donators have the chance to customize the wheel drive and engine (awd,v8,etc), even though they could be lost on server reset, they could be put back again with a simple click. “Oh, Combine, and what a shit suggestion!” Yeah, not a new fucking feature but makes my antisocial, virtual life easier!
  2. Trucking update

    How about they fix the whole trucking system first?
  3. Unlike this comment. i am really homosexual
  4. This is an automated post for: CombineDonation: GBP 20.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! 2M, Tampa and Speeder at AA base Thank you for your donation!
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  6. My vehicles been removed due to inactivity so here we go. 2 large interiors on my 2 remaining properties plus 22 vehicles. Part I: How much have you donated for the server? 222.GBP When was the last time you requested a donation reward change? If you requested a donation reward change before, you have to post the date in which your last request was. Why do you need to change the location: Inactivity (vehicles removed) Links to your donation topics: Cant find the rest... Links to your previous donation changes requests: Same for these cant find the rest.. think theyve must been lost in space.. Part II: What I Want to be Removed Vehicle 1: Vehicles removed by inactivity reset Part III: What I Want to be Added Vehicle 1: Beagle Location: LV airport Username: sapience (2 vehicle at razers house): Infernus, and Super GT Location: At Razers houses, I will show Username: sapience Vehicles at LV house*3*: Turismo, Vortex, NRG500 Location: My house at LV Username: sapience Vehicles at AA base *8*: Windsor, MrWhoopie, Phoenix, Comet, Glendale, Washington, Buffalo, Sparrow Location: AA base Username: sapience ZIP Base: Combine Harvester, Towtruck, DFT30, Burrito Location: zip base Username: sapience LV Trucking Depot: Roadtrain and Wayfarer Location: lv trucking depot Username: sapience Interior: Large interior at my house LV
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      Stop stalking me 

  8. This is an automated post for: CombineDonation: GBP 111.00 GBPPlease reply to this topic with your rewards! Bullet, NRG, and Glendale at my house in RC.. and small interior for RP reasons Another vortex on AA ship base. That makes left 7 vehicles as Ron's topic says. I'd like to see @Sir Cheese sexually abuse @Rennie Thank you for your donation!
  9. Option to remove hydraulics from cars

    Double click on the hydraulics upgrade and they should be removed off AFAIK.
  10. Race Improvements

    I made this topic to talk about what improvements you think races should have. For now a race flag appears on the map and you need to attend to the marker with 5 other participants (6 in total) and by pressing space you will join the race and therefor start. Cops as of not being able to race should participate, so for example trying to stop and arrest the racers so that makes fun and challenge for both sides. Police would be called when race starts, for racers each check point would give 'x' amount of wanted level. What would you like to see on races on the server? Give your own opinion/ideas about this please.
  11. Get a steam game worth 10€

    Well actually @TbdS appeared at the random name pick so he gets the other 5 euros. You got my steam so hit me up there.
  12. Official Quote Wall

    I bet you get a big pleasure when you jail someone don't you greedy fuck!