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  1. Updates : - fixed the broken flag links - added a new version : Bulgarian (български) - added a new version : Hungarian (Magyar) __________________________ so far we have 16 different language ! - English - Arabic - French - Spanish - Portuguese/Brazilian - Russian - German - Dutch - Turkish - Danish - Croatian - Estonian - Serbian - Hebrew - Bulgarian - Hungarian
  2. i miss you noooob, come back i'm waiting for u!

  3. well, this kind of requests doesn't belong here tho and Tilo knows it @Tilong i remember you suggested a similar idea long while ago and we -GM team- were excited for it but asked for a detailed structure which never been sent (at least not to my knowledge). since you are up to a more simple version of it i'll discuss this furthermore with you via PM

    1. ESO

      check my life story again nub, i'm a Zamalek fan ..

    2. Flex

      OH SHIET

  5. my army service starting date was delayed for about a week, will try to be active during that time 

    1. Zero#

      Gl eslam 


    2. Di$ha

      GL my Bro

  6. going inactive : http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/93262-camel-going-inactive/

    cya all later, wish me luck

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    2. Steve.

      Cya mate, take care <3


    3. ESO

      you wish mootjee !

      thanks larst, good advice indeed

      cya steve

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      Your wife misses you already!

  7. CS Application Results

    new slaves to abuse .. perfect !
  8. Reward Change

  9. Happy Eid to all Muslims around the world :)

    عيدكم مبارك ان شاء الله

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      Eid Mubarak to you as well mate 

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      Eid Mubarak to every single muslim :)

    4. Cela

      eid mubarak eso you should give gift :!c

  10. [STUDY]What is Islam?

    Hello BrianL i'd be glad to answer any questions you have about Islam and to clear anything you can't understand in it or wondering about. feel free to contact me via PM or on discord/ts any time you want :) if you don't mind i'll close the topic to avoid any unnecessary comments that could lead to rage wars (so bone doesn't get to increase his ban counts). everyone can still read what you said and can contact you in private if he wishes to add anything
  11. inspired from Bone's topic in Gangs forums As you might see this forum has been clean'd from its old topics this is to keep a overview on Squads/Police Groups which still are active, and also to stop those who have the urge to bump outdated topics. You´re free to view and read all the topics, but they will remain closed. a shitload of topics have been moved to an archive were we can honor those who been around us in the past. Note for the reviving: if you are reviving your old Squad/Police Group, don't be afraid and send the GM team a PM with a move back request. You can find all the deleted/closed/RIP/disbanded groups/companies here --> http://saesrpg.uk/community/forum/662-squads-topic-archive/ - Your lovely GM team.
  12. WHAT THE FUCK ESO!!?!!

    OMG, and they told me they're going out for a "small walk" !!
  13. This lil' fella needs a name!

    Camel !
  14. Reward Changes

  15. keep the topic for the pictures taken by you and not google pictures guys, it would be more fun that way here are some pics of my own photography : Cairo - Egypt Alexandria (North Coast) - Egypt Hurghada - Egypt