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  1. Suggestion. Clues

    It is a group of hidden objects randomly spawned inside another group of random locations. Yeah, not that hard to script but requires time - which makes it undoubtedly impossible to be realised.
  2. Cripz vs Thc Gang War

    I am ThC, I was in that match, yeah we lost it hard. BUT THIS JOKE IS SMOOTH AF, THE ENDING PART GOT ME :D
  3. A way to cancel police calls

    yeah as this guy said. After 3 minutes, if no one approaches to you (responds) means you don't need that help anymore. Moreover, same thing has to be done for mechanic and taxi calls. We don't want a map full of useless icons.
  4. My haters !!

  5. Official Quote Wall

    When you're tryna' act British, but you're actually a muslim talking about the mosque.
  6. Server Maintenance - All Services

    I see, being "First" grants you a special rank.
  7. SAES Meme pictures!

    When you realise that you are actually talking to a girl. @Adistar. @Killer @Adway @Thing. @Vanja @Viktor @Nemesis. @Brooklyn
  8. Yes Or No

    No, Do you masturbate more than you eat ?
  9. Fort Carson PD

    That is something EPIC!
  10. Making a Bastage Official team

    I am in if your main mission is really ESEA or Faceit. Would like to prove myself for it. Otherwise, i have seen so many cs go groups from this community and all they did is just enter and troll ingame.
  11. this is cool Jax! Well done, good luck!
  12. Base//Red country

    It is cool, like mapped really well with details. However, this place looks like some waiting room of Hispital. Moreover, the idea of having casino on the roof (outside) is not that good aswell. Seriously, who gambles under the sun? To conclude, map is really good my friend, well done. Just be sure you fulfil your RP role next time.
  13. What's your wallpaper?

    Yeah, made by myself. #COYS
  14. Reporting System.

    That is big database what you require, imagine 100 players pressing f12 at the same time. 10 mb per video (this is the lowest 360p resolution lol) will be like 10GB upload directly.
  15. I am ex Centrino, the first generation with PunisheR and SeBa where we had hit levels back there. What i see currently is that the Taxi life is boring and nobody is arsed to get use of it. Moreover, criminals refuse to use taxi services because taxi drivers are not able to see the Store Robberies. So yeah basicly, as Lounge Inc. we are making different types of scripts and this is one of them. We do offer a high technology computers to current Taxi cars of the government. It is completely like UBER. So how does it work? You call taxi via /taxi A taxi approaches to you and whenever you sit in car you will have map: Then you click some place/location on the map and taxi will be informed about it and GPS will show him the exact location: Reach to the destination and get money according to the distance travelled: Note that the GPS script is what we have in the community already, but we are implementing UBER's idea to it and lock it to the taxis or special taxi groups.