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  1. HS Bank Cracker

    thanks guys
  2. HS Bank Cracker

    Can anyone tell me how can I get HS Bank Cracker? ty
  3. I want someone to make me a signature with my name (BozZ) and something related to Tuga Thugs.
  4. Roleplay: Kidnapp of OLAF (YakuzA Leader) Date: 23rd August Location: The Hunter Quarry and The Four Dragons Casino
  5. Roleplay: "Stealing the thieves" Date: 22/08/2015 Location: Red County Bank Participants: S|Bozz S|Ragnar S*|Sonin S*|Chakal S*|PutoG SAFP|Matthews SAFP|Herrjorss SAFP|Yunus RP History:
  6. Roleplay: Drugs 4 Guns Date: 21th August Location: Bone County Abandoned Airport History: Feds still on our tails, they are trying at all cost take us down... Today we recieved a call from our old friend Hamidou, telling that N~F wanted a great deal for both... We called a meet at Bone County Abandoned Airport. Me, RaGnar and SpawN had a reunion in Sangreal Base earlier, so we were together. Heading up to Bone County... After some minutes waiting, N~F arrived to the Abandoned Airport... Hamidou said that he wanted to make a trade: 1kg of Cocain, 1kg of Heroin and 2kg of Weed for 25 M4 with Scope... But first both of us will need to test the products. N~F loved our drugs, and we loved their guns... So we decided to shake hands and hope that the business continue in the future between both gangs. The End
  7. Roleplay: Drug Picking at Los Santos Airport Date: 21th August Location: Los Santos Airport & Sangreal's Drug Warehouse History: We was at base and then received a call from our Mexican contact of drugs saying that a shipment of drugs will arrive at Los Santos Airport in 30 minutes. So we head up to Los Santos. When we arrived, there was a white shamal with our drugs, we taked them to our truck, while Ragnar and kknd was watching the entrance of airport. After we take the drugs to our truck we leaved the airport heading up to our Drugs Warehouse. As soon as we arrived we take the drugs inside the warehouse with the speed of light, because feds is being watching us, so we tryied the fastest as we could. The End
  8. Event: Run and Bike Marathon Date: 20th August LWS Member: ColdPlay Winner: Potato Screens:
  9. Event: Sangreal Street Fights 3rd Edition Date: 19th August G6 Member: Smokey Winner: BS|Deuce Screens:
  10. Roleplay: Drugs 4 Guns Date: 17th July Location: Sangreal Base (Bone County) Screens:
  11. Event: Chicken Shooter Date: 18th August LWS Member: Alfred Winner: [TT*]Chakal Screens:
  12. Event: Chicken Shooter Date: 14th August LWS Member: Ntruder Winner: [AA*]Hotfire Screens: