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  1. TST - The Strike Team

    The vote got you Accepted. meet at HQ or COL ingame to get yourself a test.
  2. TST - The Strike Team

    @Kanzo a vote have been started about you. patrol with TST in the main time. @Sceptic Accpeted.
  3. TST - The Strike Team

    A vote will be added, in the main time you could be round TST members to show your RP Skills. Gl
  4. TST - The Strike Team

    i will advice you to patrol with some TST members the next few days. a vote will be started.
  5. TST - The Strike Team

    I haven't seen you ingame, and your interest about joining TST doesn't seems to impress me much. If you haven't been together with any TST member then you should atleast make a good application to get a chance. I would advice you to join SAPA 4 weeks to get PC - procops. After that you are free to apply again. Or patrol with TST a week or two so we can get to know you. GL
  6. Reward Replacement

  7. Donation Changes

    try catch me ingame so we can sort this together
  8. Reward Change

    swat tank has been changed, contact me ingame if you want something else. locked
  9. Reward Change

    As far i know Swat tank is not allowed either
  10. TST Media Archive

    Some activity yesterday! nice to see so many online at once.
  11. TST - The Strike Team

    A vote has been started about you in the private forum, hang with TST to raise your chances.
  12. TST - The Strike Team

    skyler have been accepted and tested Xwolf have been denied, as you got to many negative votes
  13. Clear ur inbox!!!

    1. Dufabo

      ah wait that was my inbox

  14. TST - The Strike Team

    a vote has been started. wait for your result soon