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  1. Can I join/??




    1. AgonizingChamois35


      can i join to the team?



  2. Arrests scoreboard

    i do belive this should be ingame with a GUI like TOP 10 arrests scoreboard
  3. tazer is very op indeed too much freeze time tbh
  4. this color fits more for you fatboy

    1. RAMPAGE



  5. ramapage gordo is now saes hahaha
  6. About turfs

    x2 is enough
  7. Well i noticed that in the turfs except the money u get while turfing u don't get anything as the money taken from the gang is just moving from a gang to another (no gain) so i suggest to add something like 50 k reward evrey hour for the gang that has whole city turfs in this case gangs will try to use turfs more
  8. Weapon Silencer

    yeah this will be amazing for B~B RP
  9. Alliance chat

    as u said its easy and GMs will have to take care of it ,thats their job .
  10. Alliance chat

    no its not the same whern u are turfing and want to team up with ur allies