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  1. We've all been noobs

    I didn't even die..
  2. We've all been noobs

  3. Allow same type of car more than once

    Correct, it is more expensive.
  4. Hi NanoBob 

    You can unbann me 

    i create apply for bann 

    1. Tut Greco

      Ban application? :Annoyed:

    2. Mr.Fallen

      yes i have ban application


  5. Log splitting tool

    Fixed in the new version, download link is the same. Unable to reproduce myself.
  6. Log splitting tool

    Often times I end up having to go through my mta logs (found at 'C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\logs') in order to get the chat between a couple of people. Going through the logs manually can be a pain so I've written a tool to do this for you. Simply paste your log file on the left, enter the users in the middle seperated by enters, and click convert. The tool will only put the lines with those names in it on the right. This does mean if someone else typed the person's name it will still be output. Download it here
  7. If you prefer that one, Just use that one. You can modify it yourself by changing the "radar.jpg" image located at. "C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\cgui\images" (If you use the default path) So the suggestion is denied.
  8. you have no right to visit my profile

    1. Mootjeee

      You have no rights to have a profile. 

    2. Teddy

      you look like you dont want to come ingame ever again mootje

  9. Hiding in the car

    It should otherwise there would be no point to it.
  10. Hiding in the car

    That's pretty good, but how are cops going to find out wether or not you are wanted if they can not see a nametag?
  11. Taser suggestion

    It currently is 1 HP.
  12. The sync would only need to be very lightweight. Keep in mind objects Also need to be synced, mta Just does it for you
  13. Wouldn't even need an object, could just use a 3d xd drawn material line.