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    1. Haas

      welcome to blodos private forum

  2. oi could you send Cheess' map file via irc?

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    2. Tut Greco

      ey xd we are ready all we need is the map, vid needs to be done asap

    3. Tut Greco

      I saw you were online few mins ago, next time you get on can you read my reply? xd

  3. NanaSlob

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    2. NanoBob

      You suck.

    3. Teddybear

      I relish the opportunity of mingling with other suckers, hence my presence here. Why are you on the forums at 2am?

    4. NanoBob

      Because I obviously have nothing better to do.

  4. Base Mapping

    Here's a couple tips for you in your next mapping: Try not to use too many objects for your walls and such, just use any generic wall shaped objects (I usually use garage doors of some kind) and apply shaders to them using my shader tool. This way you can change the look of ANY of your textures on any object, and it allows you to not have to look for objects with proper textures but instead you only have to look for proper shape. With this you also won't be required to upscale items which also won't require you to set up dummy objects to fill in the collisions since upscaling doesn't modify collisions on the object.
  5. Remove Monster

    FYI this issue should be resolved, additional wheels no longer cause collisions
  6. Streaming KATLA development

    Since most of the community seems very interested in the development and progress of KATLA Deso and I have decided we will be streaming some of the development process on twitch. Where? Our streams can be found at : https://www.twitch.tv/dezzolation & https://www.twitch.tv/nanobob_ We'll probably add a post here whenever we start streaming and remove it afterwards in case you want to come watch what we are doing. Do keep in mind that we won't always be streaming when we work on KATLA, only when we feel like it. See you there!
  7. Project KATLA: Dev' Diary #3 (A Video Sneak Peek)

    I accidentally locked my recording software to 15 Fps... oops
  8. Two reasons we're not running the dynamic weather, most important one of them being 50% of the chat will be filled by people complaining about the rain because their PCs suck.
  9. These are GTA limitations, nothing can be done about this.
  10. Gimme a list of vehicles you would like to be added and it'll be done (As component vehicles , not as base)
  11. Remove Monster

    Like tut said, make a report then it will be dealt with.