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  1. Remember when you were my bitch? Just kidding, you still are.


  2. Help

    That would be drivers, not drives. And if it was a driver issue then the bios would still see the device.
  3. Help

    Seems like your hard drive is broken. (Or the cable could be detached slighty but unless someone recently tampered with your hardware I doubt it) Probably lost all your data, and will likely need a new drive.
  4. Interior for bank

    Bit late to the party, sorry for bumping. Just wanted to say it looks pretty god damn awesome.
  5. Okay let me start to say something regarding the suggestion, the impounding script is a gameplay feature, not a roleplay enhancement. The intention of it is to allow players to do something outside of roleplays. Other examples of this are bankrobberies, turf wars, arresting, etc etc. So the suggestion would be change the gameplay feature, and turn it into something that forces roleplay. Which is something that we as a server don't want every player to have to do. Yes, gangs are required to roleplay, but as a reward for doing so they get gameplay features. And it's the same with cuban cars, being a mechanic is their roleplay role, and the impunding is their additional gameplay feature. Turning this into roleplay as well means we would require to create another gameplay feature for CC To remain satisfied. (Which is not something we have the time or will to do) Now regarding the argueing that has been going on I strongly disagree with that, and I believe SAES has improved a lot over the last 2 years. The argument you are making about the impounder script is even something which is a gameplay feature, also things like gang robberies and public bankrobberies were new gameplay features added not too long ago. Now it is true that during my leadership of the development there were less gameplay related updates, and the focus has been more on making the current gameplay enjoyable. New gameplay features were in the pipeline, however they have been postponed due to KATLA development taking over all my time otherwise spent working on major changes for the current version of SAES. However the lovely gentlemen of Angelo and Jokila are still working on pushing out updates for you guys to enjoy. I hope I've changed your mind and opinion in general about recent development in saes, and if not so be it.
  6. Mta map converter

    Did you use the save as button, instead of the regular save button?
  7. Freshmens in GM

    And here's the thing, the government doesn't decide what goes on in the game. Development does.
  8. Freshmens in GM

    Once again Billionaire, GM has nothing to do with the government. Any script related suggestion will have to pass development, AKA me. The reason all of your bullshit motions were denied is because NOBODY in the clan agreed with them.
  9. Freshmens in GM

    Billionaire you are utterly retarded.A GM does't have any access to any resources apart from GM related resources. Thus he will be unable to do anything government related.All they can do is handle tracker issue related to gangs, any script modification that has to be uploaded to server has to be reviewed by someone with proper access.
  10. Mta map converter

    The issue has been resolved already, the issue was that the OS he ran lacked the "program files (x86)" folder.
  11. Mta map converter

    No it shouldn't be in gamemodes, but not sure if it matters. Are you able to come on IRC? I'll be able to help you easier that way.
  12. Mta map converter

    Yes it does, that line is required in the ACL. did you modify the ACL whilst the server was on?