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  1. my serial 1F8B21375515F0A6B5105426FA4FB8F3 iam sorry about this and never won't happen again iam so sorry i apologize for both joe and royalty and tombaa for that abuse and thout really its a joke but i found out its a RULEBREAK and it results in a permanent ban plz help and see my appealing to get back to saes my serial : 1F8B21375515F0A6B5105426FA4FB8F3

  2. which both for disk and 'mapped' cars wouldn't properly work since the reference to the vehicles in those resources would be lost.
  3. Damaging anyone with the monstertruck wheels added to it is abuse of a bug. The wheels are not supposed to collide, yet since GTA wasn't built to have vehicles manipulated this way it does. Thus it falls under bug abuse and is not allowed, punishment is as stated earlier in the topic a complete wipe of your vehicle storage.
  4. Boston, this suggestion is shit.
  5. Click the sort by date button then...
  6. Speedcam

    using /speedtrap as a police officer or SAI whilst in a police vehicle does that.
  7. Dark theme

    No, created a new style sheet and used a plugin to add it with JavaScript.
  8. Dark theme

    It is possible for you to make this yourself, nobody is stopping you. Just spent 5 minutes trying something
  9. hey i have a problem i hope u and other admins can help me my account in the game just login easly but in the saesrpg.uk it doesn't work i tried i forgot password but they create me other account i tried that account but it didn't work in the game please i need help

    1. NanoBob

      Your forum details are seperate from your ingame details. And the forums Also have a seperate password reset link.

    2. ghassenmjaid

      please help me give me a solution

      that's an account was created when i wanted to change my ingame password trying to find a solution

    3. NanoBob

      This is the URL for resetting a forum password:

  10. Feel free to tell me which you think is better https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Blip_Icons
  11. PC is a roleplay spawn, why do they need parachutes?
  12. Taking shits

    Plus something which is not possible as we can't add animations to the game. And I highly doubt there is a proper "shitting" animation in GTA SA.
  13. Yes that would be possible, but that has nothing to do with gear shifting.