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  1. It is limited to the house ofcourse.
  2. Uhm, what? What you describe in your suggestion isn't actually cruise control. If you've ever driven a car and used cruise control it will keep the car going at that speed, it still allows you to manually go faster but it won't drop below the speed you enabled cruise control at untill you either brake or push the clutch. What you're suggesting is an entirely different thing which would be a speed limit functionality. And the way it currently works it simply pushes or releases the W key for you to control the car, as there's no way to properly keep velocity constant without a bunch of work.
  3. Donation:Archaon (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Rewards sorted, use http://saesrpg.uk/donations/vehicle to modify them. (Log in to that with your ingame account details) Thanks for your donation!
  4. Base Mapping

    But there' s a difference between giving constructive criticism and being a dick.
  5. How can you not like it without having tried it?
  6. The skin selection is to show the new skins, not the selector. If people would only read the post...
  7. If you would've read the other posts in the topic you would've seen the preview for furniture is already planned TbdS.
  8. I' ve added a video to show the workings of the shaders settings, so you can enable or disable the high detail shaders as you wish.
  9. filling the interior with furniture would be up to the owner of the property.
  10. Yes there will mistic
  11. Yes Or No

    yes. should we build a wall and make the mexicans pay for it?
  12. Alrighty guys, we’ve got a bunch of cool stuff to show you after we’ve been working on KATLA some more. This time we have included a video again but I will also go into detail on some of the things you might have missed in the video. First thing you see in the video is a set of new skins, including gang color shaders set for hispanic gangs. I quickly go through all of them at the start of the video. Once we arrive outside you will notice the default GTA SA HUD is gone from the top right corner of your screen, and information about your weapons and money is now in the bottom left next to the radar. (Little sidenote: Don't pay attention to the actual radar areas, they're still a work in progress) Now if you play close attention to the textures in the game such as the walls and roads you will see that many of them are a lot more refined with a lot more detail. These shaders which do that will be optional for you to enable or disable so don’t worry if you don’t have a beefy PC you will still be able to play. You will also notice the sky texture has changed, and the clouds are actually moving. Once we arrive at the store you start to see some gameplay features we haven’t shown before. The first one being the hardware store, this is where you buy furniture for your house. Once I’ve bought something and try to buy another one you will notice that my inventory has reached it’s limit, luckily I brought my car which allows for some portable storage so I can bring my chairs back to my home. After driving back to my home I forget to take the chairs out of my car, oops! The placing of furniture in your home is very intuitive and works much like the ZIP panel. And finally the last UI you see is the settings panel for the gamemode. We want this gamemode to be as user friendly as can be. So we’ve decided to have all ingame binds user-changeable through the settings panel.
  13. Donation:sof2vidstv (Amount 10.00 GBP)

    Sorted, thank you for donating!
  14. Another cracking simulator

    My previous cracking sim actually did that too, you can also find that one in this forum section but I see no reason to use that one over the new one.
  15. Another cracking simulator

    Probably just my own stuff, saes related things will be here