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  1. i did a ban appel why u run ?


  2. Show us Yourself v2

    The topic is called show yourself, terry, not show other people! Speaking of which, this picture of me has been around on discord earlier already. Might as well post it here.
  3. I do agree that every event should have a winner before ending it. However with a couple exceptions. Events like the jefferson motel stuff should IMO definitly have a winner, however parkour events (which will have to be possible ofcourse) don't need to have a winner as long as you don't stop it just before someone gets to the end or something like that.
  4. No, i like Them in the mainchat. It shows people that things are being done.
  5. SAES Meme pictures!

    Should've never added you to the clan.
  6. SAES Meme pictures!

    That's just blade, not all of us.
  7. Any use for something like this

    I have made numerous myself, the most recent one can be found on https://nanobob.net Older one is here
  8. Official Quote Wall

    Using that gif on your own posts
  9. Official Quote Wall

    Right.. I have regrets.
  10. to nano fucking bob

    I just want to add, that this is exactly why your ban appeal was denied.
  11. KATLA?

    Because SA really didn't have any GUIs whatsoever. And the GTA V style is simple, easy to recreate and clean and professional looking (IMO). Furthermore we couldn't use default MTA UIs since all of our user interfaces are web based.
  12. KATLA?

    When it's ready.
  13. KATLA?

    As stated before, in the original open beta release of KATLA cops will not be a thing yet, Frisout.
  14. KATLA?

    Video is rather self explanitory. (The fps drops in the video are only in the recording, not a gameplay issue)