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  1. Yes Or No

    yes is the guy above me mentally retarded
  2. Just a tiny little spoiler for you guys to figure out what's going on here:
  3. Hi, 

    I have donated 15 pounds a couple of days ago and i chose a bleu shamal as my reward, i never got it tho.

    1. NanoBob

      Feel free to contact any administrator ingame to sort it, if will sort it as well as soon as I get ingame. APologies for the delay.

    2. mryusuf



  4. That is incorrect, when correctly coded sorting in GUIs works fine. However more often than not people prefer Just disabling sorting over dealing with it. The suggestion is fine, Just doubt anyone has the time to sort it, pun not intended
  5. Donation:mryusuf (Amount 15.00 GBP)

    Please specify your username so we know who to add.
  6. Another cracking simulator

    Try now
  7. It is limited to the house ofcourse.
  8. Uhm, what? What you describe in your suggestion isn't actually cruise control. If you've ever driven a car and used cruise control it will keep the car going at that speed, it still allows you to manually go faster but it won't drop below the speed you enabled cruise control at untill you either brake or push the clutch. What you're suggesting is an entirely different thing which would be a speed limit functionality. And the way it currently works it simply pushes or releases the W key for you to control the car, as there's no way to properly keep velocity constant without a bunch of work.
  9. Donation:Archaon (Amount 20.00 GBP)

    Rewards sorted, use http://saesrpg.uk/donations/vehicle to modify them. (Log in to that with your ingame account details) Thanks for your donation!