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  1. KATLA Dev Diary #6

    Because that information is not available.
  2. KATLA Dev Diary #6

    Im fact it doesn't run on the gameserver. So that's incorrect. (Also, Joke is very unique)
  3. KATLA Dev Diary #6

    We’ve been hard at work developing new features for KATLA. And since it has been a while since we wrote a news update I figured I’d do one now since we have some things to show. Finance Transactions The first addition is a transaction log, as a player you can see what you gain income from, and what you spend money on. But so can organizations. This means you can easily keep track of your money, and get some insights in how your organization’s money is spent, and what brings money in. Loans We’ve also added a feature to allow players to take loans. Loans are divided in two types. Loans are money given to you which you have to repay overtime, with interest. Bank loans Bank loans are loans offered to you by the San Andreas bank. Anyone can apply for a loan like this (given they aren’t already in debt). Bank loans can only be spent on properties and vehicles. The percentage of interest you have to pay depends on the amount of money you wish to loan, and the loan has to be paid off in 100 days (This will happen automatically, but you can always pay off more if you wish) P2P loans A different type of loans are P2P loans, P2P stands for peer to peer, which indicates it’s not a loan created by the server, but by other entities on the server. Like players or organizations. This means as a player or organization you can loan money to other people if you think the bank’s loans are too expensive. Unlike bank loans P2P loans can be spent on anything, which means if you can not pay your loan the issuers will not receive his money. So as an issuers you should be careful with who you issue a loan to as they might not be able, or willing to pay it back. Wiki Because we realise the gamemode might be a bit complicated for new users, instead of setting up a FAQ like we have on our current server in F1 we’ve decided to create a wiki. This wiki can be modified by everyone on the server, but changes do have to be confirmed by moderators. This means anyone can contribute to the server in their own way by writing tutorials, or general information on the wiki. Discord We’ve noticed how much more sucessfull Discord has been to getting our community engaged than IRC. Because of this reason we’ve decided to do some work on integrating Discord with our server (KATLA has a seperate discord server). The first thing you will do is go to your settings, and link your discord account. You do this by clicking a button, logging in to discord and confirming you allow our Discord bot to know your discord name. Once this is done your account is linked. Here’s a short video of that process: Once your account is linked and you’ve joined our server, your ingame organizations will be synced with Discord. Because when you create an organization a role, and a private channel will automatically be created on the discord server. And any member joining your organization will automatically be added to it. This means you won’t have to manually manage your members in two places, and you get a place to chat privately. Furthermore the main chat ingame is linked to the #general on the discord server, but the more interesting feature is that ingame team chats (the chat for your organization) is also linked to discord, but to your organization’s private channel. So you can talk your gang mates who are ingame, from discord, and vice versa. I’d also like to thank everyone who has been patiently waiting, and showing some support for the project.
  4. No news. And you do know there is a search button in the menu on the forums right?
  5. Please at least do a search on the forums before posting a topic which you know is a duplicate. http://saesrpg.uk/community/topic/94907-simple-casino-addition/?do=findComment&comment=1761596
  6. No, because of the way cruise control works. It works by modifying your controls, pressing W when speed is too low, and releasing it when speed is too high.
  7. I'm afraid what you suggest isn't possible. Because to cruise control it's required for you to be in the driver's seat
  8. 100,000,000 GIVEAWAY!

    Banned for scam.
  9. Fort Carson PD

    Looks sweet
  10. Rewards for Accepted Suggestions

    No, suggestion denied. No reward for you.
  11. Change your password ASAP

    Sadly I have to inform you all that all ouf our ingame resources, and our database of the current ingame server has been leaked. We are currently investigating the source of this leak, and will do anything we can to prevent it from happening again in the future. The reason I inform you all of this is because of the leak of the database. Your passwords are stored in the database hashed and salted (What is salting and hashing?), however we still recommend that everyone of you change your passwords, and if you use the same password on SAES as you do elsewhere (Which you shouldn't) you should change that as well. This is only about your ingame password, your password can be changed through the F1 panel ingame. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes.
  12. Official Quote Wall

    It was in fact me who saw it, I simply shared it with Joe.
  13. Mapping Shader tool

    Because of the limit set in the generated code. This can be changed.
  14. Mapping Shader tool

    It's possible to do with scripting, the tool doesn't support it though.