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  1. Bike Engine Upgrade

    No. V8s used to be available for bikes as well but were removed for a reason.
  2. Promotion

    Blade is SAES now.
  3. Android user

    Make sure when you are posting an image link that you want to get embedded your link is directly to the image, and not the imgur page that it is on.
  4. Police is very OP

    Cops are vastly outnumered, thus in a 1 on 1 situations they do indeed have advantages, moral of the story is don't be alonge, get some friends to fend of the cops.
  5. Serial Account Protection

    We already use our own custom alternative to authorized serial account protection for a long time for admin accounts. I however see no reason to do the same for regular players as keeping your password safe should be a fairly straightfoward thing to do, just get a strong password (which doesn't necesarily mean a difficult to remember password)
  6. Watch me play OW (Maybe?)

    hacker mik
  7. SAI Recruitment

    Greetings chaps, We, SAi, have decided to do a live recruitment again! This live recruitment will be quite a bit different from the previous recruitments. The applicants who currently have an application with a portfolio of their SAi roleplays have a higher chance of joining SAi! INFO: Date: 6th of May, 2017. Time: 19:00 server time! Where: You'll be able to warp using the event panel. Details: Spawn as a trainee/PC member and warp to the event, Then create groups of 4 people (A random SAi officer will be assigned to that group.) The recruitment will go as the following: Step 1: You warp through the event panel and stand at the respected spot reserved for recruits. Step 2: You create groups of 4 people and wait for further instructions. Step 3: The teams will be split into 2 master teams. Step 4: The first group goes out in civilian vehicles and drive around the city of Las Venturas. (Remember, you will be asked to roleplay, so don't leave.) The second group will leave the HQ after 2 minutes so the civilians have found a spot in the city. Step 5: The groups roleplay with eachother for 20 minutes. (Remember you can do multiple roleplays in those 20 minutes! ) Step 6: The groups change roles and now the other group roleplays for 20 minutes. Step 7: The voting process will be held in the private SAi TeamSpeak channel and will be announced in an hour from the recruitments ending. We can't wait to see you there! kind regards, The San Andreas Interceptors!
  8. I won't let you have that fun by not showing up myself. HAHA!
  9. can u not

    1. NanoBob

      not what


    2. Teddybear

      just dont be urself plz

  10. Yes Or No

    yes is the guy above me mentally retarded
  11. Just a tiny little spoiler for you guys to figure out what's going on here: