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  1. Changes to Auctions

    After 2 weeks of this update i don't think it was a good idea....a lot can fool around with this new changes and make topics just to troll people as there's no time limited for the auction so if there were no winners the topic gets archived and they can post it again and keep foolin around...
  2. CSGO :: General Chat

    I guess why does the server ip isn't working
  3. Your steam ID/Profiles!

    My Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/omaret0/
  4. General Chat for talk, help and spam

    I know this question seems weird but i guess if there's anyone here playing Battleblock Theater XD
  5. SAFP Event - "Chicken Nader" Prize - 1.000.000$ Winner(s) - CRISPORI LWS - Duff
  6. Ingame nick with current tags: SAFP|Carl|CDT Server loginname: Xirokax Date of joining PC: 8/17/2015 Who invited/tested you: Hesha Age: 16 What Squad are u in: San Andreas Federal Police How long have you been on this server: Since 2011 How long did you play as normal Cop, before you absolved your ProCop Education: 3 Months
  7. Fking Awesome Efforts !! Great job guys !
  8. Mods Library

    Download imgtool and after installing open it, then press on "file" in the bar and open file gta3, and put all ur mods there