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  1. FS17 Bastage Farm

    currently making a list, do you have any suggestions Blade?
  2. FS17 Bastage Farm

  3. FS17 Bastage Farm

    Black tractors are already part of the game
  4. FS17 Bastage Farm

    Yes special tractors with "Slave" written on the side will be textured
  5. FS17 Bastage Farm

    Hi Guys, I am looking for several people who would like to play Farming Simulator 17 with me on a (modded) server. I want to record a few episodes for the Bastage Network YouTube channel. If anyone's interested send me a message on steam! (my profile)
  6. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    And downgraded of course
  7. Yay watch_dogs 2

    Exactly the reason why nobody is going to but #2 :D
  8. Welcome to our new Website

    Surely liking the new donations page Not a fan of the new text editor in IPB4 though
  9. Donation: reydan (Amount 100.00)

    I'm still watching
  10. Dear players, We have the results of the raffle, so I will announce the winner of the raffle! Please contact me on steam for your prize. Thank you for participating in the raffle. oh and btw:
  11. Donation: -ZAC- (Amount 1.00)

    Did you guys read the big red box?
  12. Bastage Raffle | Far Cry 4 !

    Tokes got a FC4 code so maybe he can tell us wether he could rede it or not
  13. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    As far as I know most stormtroopers are regular humans since almost all of the clones died out due to accelerated aging. wow that actually makes alot of sense
  14. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    fu I wanted to post this too, and I like it except that the lightsaber doesnt look like a lightsaber!! And since when are stormtroopers black! xD
  15. As the topic title says, we are having a raffle! Bastage is going to give someone a copy of Far Cry® 4 (on steam). To enter this competition you will need to donate any amount through our donation portal(here). Starting today till the 19th of December. Do not forget to reply on this topic that you want to enter the raffle. Minimum donation is set to 1GBP. You will get one ticket per 1GBP donated.