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  1. Make Atm can be robbed

    few atm in bad neighborhoods could be selected to make robberies
  2. Website Fixes

    finally we all are saved from brophy's profile
  3. 24/7 requests Mosegaard Productions

    REQUEST FORM Real life/Bast/Saes/Other: Saes Type of video: Educational Eventual deadline: 27th July Length: 2min Names of people to add to the PM (@): @Billionaire @RobleS @Dice
  4. New turfs & other small updates

    love it :D
  5. Delete one of your messages

  6. Event Time!

  7. SRs in deep sea

    simple and what an excellent idea after a long time. good for sea activity and for groups who's roles includes sea which are unfortunately dieing slowly n need urgent help from a general criminal category side
  8. == Sky-Diving Organization Role-Play == ~ A Secret Transport for A Secret Organization ~ Few days ago a organization contacted us, they had a job for us, so we took off from our base to meet them at Abandoned Airfields. Once we arrived at the desert airfield we asked the NSA about the job. NSA told us that they would like us to transport some secret equipment's belonging in their truck to a unknown location. We asked about the secret equipments which we were about to transport but the NSA refused to answer. We discussed and agreed to transport the truck as it was none of our business to know whats inside the truck as we just care about the money. We loaded the truck filled with secret equipment's to our special big and heavy aircraft specially designed to do this kind of job. We then took off to the unknown location and successfully did the mission. We took the money from NSA and said good byes.
  9. Training Led By: Billionaire Training Location: SAPA-HQ Date: 12/07/17 Participants: SDO|Steve, SDO|Billionaire, SDO|Pozmester, SDO-H|Hope, SDO-H|Element, SDO-H|Tamer Screenshots:
  10. CS Application Results

    Rennie probably reconsidered it and gave him a fresh response :)
  11. CS Application Results

    he did nubz
  12. CS Application Results

    happy with few but mostly disappointed with the results, there were many better choices like xgangsterx, zwolle, tut and zaza
  13. Get free YC lottery ticket and win 2m, 1m and 500k. Post your interest in this topic 


  14. Your Chance Lottery - Media Archive

    The Winners of YC Lottery 1st= Note ( 5m ) 2nd= Kanzo ( 1m ) 3rd= Millionaire ( 500k )
  15. We need some turks admin