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  1. SAHA - Updated Taxes and Ceiling Prices

    i had a bad opinion on SAHA like 'Jay' but i got 6 dislikes and he got 3 likes. Conclusion: Some People are 'Braindead' :p
  2. SAHA - Updated Taxes and Ceiling Prices

    for the first time i agree with Boston that control of housing should be given to people, only thing i dont agree with Boston is that part where he says 'fuck Billionaire' and yh btw this new system makes poor people pay 30% tax and rich people pay 10% which is BS. 'People wake up and Bring back control of properties back to people.'
  3. Billionaire during current gov crisis

    Billionaire on a far away island figuring out what the hell is actually going on after he heard the news of current gov crisis
  4. == Sky-Diving Organization Role-Play == ~ Getting Money for Future Stability ~ Today, Cripz called us to get them transported from los santos airport to sf airport for their illegal businesses. They said transporting their illegal goods using public airlines would be risky. So they Offered a big sum of money to us to transport them using our private jets. We accepted their offer as we needed money to survive and for future missions.
  5. where r u

    1. Fabman

      coming tomorrow

  6. clear your inbox!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Organization Zero | Roleplays Archive

    Getting Our first order from Cripz Today Mr.Billionaire saw a come back of a well know gang known as Cripz. After hearing about their come back he went to meet with them and wish them good luck. After arriving at their base in los santos, he met Mr.Lagger. Mr.Billionaire asked Mr.lagger to sell him some drugs. After taking the drugs, Mr.Billionaire felt that the quality of drugs is very good. Therefore Mr.Billionaire asked Mr.lagger if he could deliver 12 KG drugs to Orgz Zero Base in Flint County. Mr.Lagger after some bargaining gave Mr.Billionaire a discount of 5000$ as he was his first customer. Mr.lagger then went on to Orgz Zero Base to deliver a special drug heroin with one of his security Mr.Kygo. With not much of an interference Mr.lagger was able to deliver the heroin safely to Orgz Zero base. Mr.Billionaire paid Mr.lagger sum of 20,000$ for the drugs and said good byes to Mr.Lagger.
  8. 125 followers :c

    Anyone close to this? :D

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      When the status was made he had 119 /me gets suspicious

    3. Mootjeee

      125 > 117 Uhmmmmm well i just got 50

    4. Billionaire

      i just crossed 20k profile views as well after this status ^_o

  9. Elections back!

    If TSAC would sell guns and drugs at WH. Pissing on WH walls and aiming at Security agencies like SS,HLS and when Agents shoot them down because they r threat. And Agents gets ADMIN JAILED for shooting down people who do all these illegal activities at The so called White House. Much Cow ! Much Wow !
  10. Freshmens in GM

    Nanobob those motions u r calling bullshit were passed in the senate meeting by more than 7 elected senators.
  11. Freshmens in GM

    Nanobob, you know what i meant. GM may not have access to some resources but they have powers over groups. When i was prez i had to get approval for many motions/stuffs from GM. So they may not have direct access but they still have influence and decisions on groups. And instead of swearing or insulting by telling me that i m a retard, come up with something positive and act as a mature guy. I m seeing many over here acting like a kid and insulting compared to me being honest and talking in a positive manner.
  12. Freshmens in GM

    It is truth accept it or not. Ardron will have advantage to get his motions done. And i dont fear as i speak my mind. He is GM now and i dont think GM or SAES HQ should be leading for president or leading a party. He should hand over his party to someone else and i would be happy. Saying this because it affects other parties, people who are disagreeing with me will not understand as they have not lead a party.
  13. Freshmens in GM

    Gz to both. One thing, as Ardron is GM now and he is leading TSAC in elections, he has unfair advantage on getting motions done as GM also g/s/c wud fear getting demotion and support him giving unfair advantage. Hate it but its now the reality ;)