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  1. you want to buy those props or should I look for someone else?

    1. Billionaire

      260 for that & need club also

    2. Millionaire

      Clear your inbox

  2. SAES Government Job results:


  3. Clear your inb

  4. Kennys Been to India it seems!!

    You are an immigrant including most Americans. Invading America & killing Local American Indian population. Most Americans are immigrant.
  5. Kennys Been to India it seems!!

  6. Kennys Been to India it seems!!

    You are correct as well. India still ahead of you overall except per capita & standard of living. But that would also increase in future with the current economy.
  7. Kennys Been to India it seems!!

    You guyz still think India is poor. But we mostly live jyst like you guyz with all urban services. We have 3rd biggest army & we rank 7th in Economy. Yes there are areas where there is poverty & people would do this kinds of stuffs. Thing is it happens in your country also, they will do silly things and even go naked for few bucks.
  8. Car Selling Prices "Upgrade"

    makes sense :p
  9. Website fixes

    u shud get SSL on website..if you dont have i can get it for u for free i guess
  10. Housing Changes

    server roll back fucked all the deals we made in auctions..lost all the money and properties..half got benefitted from this and half people lost all..all 3-4 hours doing auctions wasted in vain...
  11. Housing Changes

    Kain has done something which the crowd wanted from a long time. Heil Fuhrer Kain !!
  12. Make Atm can be robbed

    few atm in bad neighborhoods could be selected to make robberies
  13. Website Fixes

    finally we all are saved from brophy's profile
  14. 24/7 requests Mosegaard Productions

    REQUEST FORM Real life/Bast/Saes/Other: Saes Type of video: Educational Eventual deadline: 27th July Length: 2min Names of people to add to the PM (@): @Billionaire @RobleS @Dice