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i love beer / i'm a barbie girl

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  1. SAES is 14 years old!

    Happy birthday to the best server in MTA! :P
  2. Felito's Reward Change

  3. Congratulations for the promotion, good luck CS applicants!
  4. its not okay to rage quit :(

    1. Lior


      its ok to cut yourself

  5. back actif plz mens ))

  6. איך חברת הבנייה הערבית שלך הולכת
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    2. Lior


      תודה רבה גבר אוהב אותך

    3. Teddy


      אין בעיה, ואיחולים ממשפחתיים ועזה לשלך ועז שלך.
    4. Hunter..Inactive/Retired
  7. Streaming KATLA development

    I just want to salute you guys, for your great effort and your work. You invest your personal time on this new whole new project so we the players could have fun and enjoy the gameplay. Thank you very much!
  8. I love men (oh and something about CS)

    Hello & Congratulations. good luck with your new responsibility
  9. You are a fag for leaving SoA and going inactive once again.

  10. Community Staff Recruitment

    Hello and good luck to everyone.