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  1. איך חברת הבנייה הערבית שלך הולכת
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Teddybear

      אין לי מושג מה בדיוק אמר כמתרגם זה חרא אבל אני מאחל לך מזוין עז שמח.
    3. Lior

      תודה רבה גבר אוהב אותך

    4. Teddybear

      אין בעיה, ואיחולים ממשפחתיים ועזה לשלך ועז שלך.
  2. אה ג'וני תחזור להיות פעיל קצת 

  3. Streaming KATLA development

    I just want to salute you guys, for your great effort and your work. You invest your personal time on this new whole new project so we the players could have fun and enjoy the gameplay. Thank you very much!
  4. I love men (oh and something about CS)

    Hello & Congratulations. good luck with your new responsibility
  5. You are a fag for leaving SoA and going inactive once again.

  6. Community Staff Recruitment

    Hello and good luck to everyone.
  7. happy b day dude

    1. Lior

      cheers man

  8. Community Staff Recruitment

    Good luck everyone.
  9. Donation: Jasper (Amount 13.00)

    Maverick has been placed, thanks for the donation.
  10. LIOORRUUSSS!!! Where have you been?!?!

    1. Lior

      Kinda busy with work related stuffs, Will be planing to visit as soon as possible!

      Hope your'e doing great darling.

  11. where is odorian?

    1. Lior

      He is busy fucking up black shemales in moscow

    2. Terry

      he blocked me on steam because I kept sending him a friend request lol

  12. CSGO :: General Chat

    Would like to play some CS, add me if you wish. my rank is LEM would prefer LE+
  13. Last chance to prove yourself, you will be unbanned as soon as I'll get online.
  14. Your ban was requested by Nanobob [leader of the gang that organized the event]. Wait for him to answer