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  • "Hello, im iStar. Im from Germany and im playing on SAES since Decembre 2010. I love SAES:RPG and im proud to spend my time on it.i am the founder of SAPA.   yeah, if you have any problems or questions…"



im iStar. Im from Germany and im playing on SAES since Decembre 2010.


I love SAES:RPG and im proud to spend my time on it.

i am the founder of SAPA.




yeah, if you have any problems or questions feel free to contact me!


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  1. Nano's twin

  2. KATLA Dev Diary #6

    i see the financial crises coming.
  3. me too i read the rules

  4. Arrests scoreboard

  5. New Gang Management

    extremly well deserved
  6. I'd like to be an Traffic Officer in game, thanks


  7. I'd like to inform you as PCD that you are not allowed to post or view reports of a group you're no longer part of. 

    Continuing to do so will lead to the appropiate punishments.


    The PCD

  8. Show us Yourself v2

    actually afraid how much kids are arround here. must be me getting old to think so about this.
  9. Real Estate San Fierro

    totally agree on N0visorys idea!
  10. Project Green

    dis iz gonna be gud! germans taking over SAES again YAY
  11. ProjectCars

    playing project cars quite a lot. would be nice if anyone joins :D
  12. The Hunter

    i am working on this topic! (Picture of an amazing sunrise with bastage logo) The Hunter is just an amazing game! kids say its pay to win. its not! (basic information about the game) The Hunter is a Free2Play game which can be downloaded via Steam. You can hunt loads of different species on different reserves. You don't need a high end computer to run it, but of course a good computer is recommended as the details will bring much more realism to the game. There are also challenges made by players and moderators which will reward you if you win or make a 2nd or 3rd place. sometimes there are events where even a 10th place gets something. The game can be played in singleplayer and multiplayer. there is no actual difference except that you can hunt with up to 8 people in multiplayer which is extremly fun. (Bastage Hunting Team picture) Feel free to join us hunting!
  13. ProjectCars

    i didnt see a single server kicking me for stuff. actually i got a steering wheel now and i would be happy if anyone of the community joins! if you got problems with the game or its settings in any way, contact me i will help you out.