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  1. I'm gonna upload my shit overhere, from multiple games which I play :D
  2. Event: Yes or No Winner: Divine Prize: 5mil Host: Bunny
  3. Hi bunny, would you please givin me back my fookin cockies?!

  4. What are you currently playing?

    Overwatch & Runescape
  5. I lije this a lot. Since we already have a winner, I'll give you 5mil for this :D

    Accepted. Meet HQ in-game for a test.
  7. A gift for a Great HQ

    So you can't be nice in this community, as it's always taken as asslick.
  8. You've got it! Contact me in-game for $$$. If you make more, I'll pay extra.
  9. Try another background, otherwise looks good :D
  10. Can you make one but use charecter called "Tracer" instead :D I really liked the artstyle thou. If you make it and I like it, you'll win it :)
  11. I like it, I'll wait a bit thou still
  12. Kinda medium, it's not that important thou :D

    Look the application 10x, you'll see something which is hard to notice, which you even have in your application.