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  1. Check my cousin's beats out, yo!

    How do you still remember..
  2. So cute Rem...

  3. Dude, no one from admin team wants to unban me. Plz do it by yourself


  4. Watch me play OW (Maybe?)

    Won it :)
  5. Watch me play OW (Maybe?)

    On finals boys!
  6. Watch me play OW (Maybe?)

    Currently we're on reserves, as we signed up too late. If someone misses to check in or come to play, we'll be the ones playing ;) Stream will start within one hour, EU Reddit Championship: https://www.twitch.tv/gosutv_ow https://www.twitch.tv/theovercasters For yesterdays /r/OW Discord mods vs Yalla eSports, watch from here (I'm playing there as Mikhail) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138918566 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/138923381 Games start from 25:00!

    Please don't post non-application messages in our application topic.
  8. Roast the person above you.

    Fuck you you spanish twat
  9. Roast the person above you.

    Fucking stupid de recruit, go suck a dick and go clean toilets with your dirty tongue you fucking lame ass punk twat
  10. Bastage TF2 Madness: Operation Rape Haas

  11. Billionaire during current gov crisis

    Billionaire, being banned isn't the same as being in a far away island.
  12. Due to seeing your recent supports towards CLO and calling DE's out all the time (With bad words) and suddenly chancing your Cuban flag to American flag, the answer is:
  13. Ban'message to bunny

    [2017-04-14 13:28:33] [Output] : Username: eisagaming, Last Login: 2017-04-07, IP: Serial: 661919DE2C2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Lastnick:false[2017-04-14 13:28:33] [Output] : Username: eisagaming123, Last Login: 2017-02-12, IP: Serial: 661919DE2C2FC82XXXXXXXXXXXX Lastnick:false[2017-04-14 13:28:33] [Output] : Username: eisaa, Last Login: 2017-04-14, IP: Serial: 661919DE2C2FC8XXXXXXXXXXXXX Lastnick:EisaGaming
  14. Ban'message to bunny

    haker admin mik