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  1. Make your own NanoBob meme! (The Nanomeme thread)

    no problem mom
  2. Make your own NanoBob meme! (The Nanomeme thread)

    that's from porn, the left pic with the gurl.
  3. Runescape :: Community Chat

    https://gyazo.com/902d94b485ae0abc643b018965ceb275 ripped off frog
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  5. The greatest disappointments in SAES History

    Kawich being Cherry, something something Kenny.
  6. Jasper's rewards location change

    Sorted with Patrol.
  7. Usage of tuned monsters for arresting.

    not only risk for that vehicle, but risk of all of your vehicles in your disk.
  8. We're hiring 2-3 amazing ZIP Builders, who'll be added as full Desert Eagles members. Requirements: -Being able to work in extremely small amounts of time -Able to build what's needed and to a perfect area (Covers, helipad areas, camoflages, buildings) -Able to work with stress and be ready to be called at any given time -Have been using ZIP panel for long period, aka experienced with the panel. -Able to work as a team (these mappers will be working together, even in the tests.) -Able to make A51/Naval base into a fighting fortress in few minutes without using unload objects while war is in A51. The test consist of five different buildings you'll be told to make in different kind of areas (forest, desert, sea, rivers, plain ground). You'll be given 10-20 minutes to move to the area and then build the area to cover maximum of 30 players. If you're interested, feel free to show your interest by contacting any DEHQ member in discord on pms on forums. Include your in-game name,username, your resistance to stress and show your zip buildings that you've made before to be qualified to the tests. This is the FIRST and the LAST time we'll ever take applications, since we cannot test building in our recruiment. Good luck! Courage today, Victory tomorrow! ~DEHQ Team.
  9. Weapon Silencer

    Maybe for not sniper? Or have like 10 uses until it breaks

    Oh fuck no. Pending, we'll see. Wait for either accepted or denied.


    Had a discussion with ya in-game, and as a older member of the squad, accepted. Ask invite in-game and after that, wear probation tags.
  13. Streaming Overwatch!

    Dunno where to post the topic, so I'll drop it here :D If you ever want to see what it's like to play, or any tips just feel free to ask! :) https://www.twitch.tv/mikmx

    accurate application ,sad to say that you're DENIED PEGASUS unless.. you suck my cock
  15. Check my cousin's beats out, yo!

    How do you still remember..