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  1. Meet the new Government

    @Boston as long as it's proper RP and you're in the government! @Nikolai you need to be active before you start rubbing anything mate. @mohamed adnan Wrong place to ask, there's a topic http://saesrpg.uk/community/forum/257-cuban-cars/ here where you can read up on that. @Cryptic That's the point of the new system, if they don't RP and go inactive, Henry and the rest of the noobs overlooking Government can decide to change the government, so it forces them to work on it or lose it.
  2. Hello sir,

    I apologize for everything what I did that brought me into Maximum mong group.I was just angry on the Z HQ because my apply for Z was good I just had to show my loyality.I hanged with them 2 months and after my reapply they gave me denied.I spammed on their application topic.I apologize for that.I won't do that again.Can you please remove me from the maximum mong group. 

    Thanks in advance,


  3. hello nice, how become admin?

    1. Kleopatrax

      fuck u banned noob 

  4. i will create alot 

    1. Tombaa

      Cool story. I can keep banning them.

  5. saes waste of time

    Palestine#Hamas, you can just fuck off if you think that, you don't need to create 3 more accounts because your first one was banned. Oh and I did ban the rest of them too.
  6. saes waste of time

    Yes it is.
  7. waste of time 

  8. [SOLVED] Starwars Bug With Jail

    Y u no just add jail check
  9. [SOLVED] Starwars Bug With Jail

    Shouldn't be a hard one, I can look into it in a few hours when I get back home, but if anyone more experienced can do it sooner feel free
  10. What about to mention our holiday aswell?!


    תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪hanukkah and christmas‬‏


    1. Amiir

      Traged stop asslicking 

  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

    On behalf of the SAES Clan, Merry Christmas and happy New Years to everyone. It's been quite a year this past one for everyone and for us with starting the development of KATLA and getting other stuff to the 1.4 server. I understand not everyone liked everything that's been added but such is life and you're just gonna have to live with it. As for KATLA, don't expect to see dev diaries until next year, I'm sure @NanoBob and @Desolator have better things to do on their holidays, so let us give them some time so they can get back to developing refreshed! As for myself I wont be around much until possibly start of January but I'll still be around the forums, so if anything comes up you can always try PMing me. To keep it short, enjoy your holidays SAES>Tombaa & SAES Clan And before anyone starts the yearly debate on the comments, it isn't only a christian celebration, it's been turned into more of a commercial one, so let's keep the comments civil shall we?
  12. Ubisoft giving out 7 free games!

    Don't know what you're on about, I just did it and got all 7 games that were promised.
  13. Project KATLA: Dev' Diary #3 (A Video Sneak Peek)

    @Patrick. if you think that then how about instead of just saying it's shit maybe say what's wrong precisely and what you think would make it better. Just saying it looks shite doesn't help anyone
  14. Project KATLA: Dev' Diary #3 (A Video Sneak Peek)

    What is this NanoBob, 10 FPS? Also I was hoping to hear NanoBob talk :(
  15. Livestreaming.

    Get Dead Space 3 and we can play CO-OP story mode