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  1. i know i did a mistake and sorry for that abuse this won't happen again and i just forgot about ths rulebreak and though t its a joke so plz unban me 

    1. oussamarappelz

      1F8B21375515F0A6B5105426FA4FB8F3 my serial


  2. Considering there's next to no visits on the link to the maps download I'd like to point out to everyone that this is a new link and has a couple updates, plus that's the one that's going to be updated from now on so I'd go subscribe to that instead.
  3. LS Jail back & /sur fixed

    So as you can read from the title, the LS jail is back. East LS hospital spawn removed, caused too much deathmatch with hospital being so close. And /sur is now fixed to actually reduce jailtime + it now reduces jailtime 75% instead of the old 25%
  4. As some of you might've seen in-game, we've got some new blood in the clan, so on behalf of SAES HQ and the rest of the clan I'd like to welcome @Patrol @Royalty @jonas13362 @Dequfire and @RAMPAGE to the clan! And on that note, we've also opened the recruitment for new Community Staff members, and you can find the application forms right about here. We'll be closing the applications in a week, so you have until Saturday 8th of July. 2017 to apply
  5. Hi. And I vote for @Teddybear because fuck him And everyone keeps calling me useless so myself as well I guess
  6. Fine fuck you, I'll just remove what I added for SAM!
  7. Oi, what did I do to you :(
  8. Show us your Desktop v2

    NanoBob sucks
  9. You suck

  10. Your opinion about a Staff member

    Yea he did, I dont deserve a 3 :( And fuck you @Vinnie I'm not moody!
  11. admins come here

    @Hesha There you go
  12. DayZ Standalone: Screenshots/Media

    Don't worry it's not like anyone plays this massive failure of a game anymore :)
  13. GTA V Bastage Mayhem :harriot:
  14. I can remove you without you being there you noob :D I'll just enjoy watching your name disappear from the admin list I don't need you there