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  1. Forum Testing

    Also @Brophy is black
  2. Fuck, Marry, Kill

    Well I mean I fuck myself everyday with my right, and/or left hand so I'd have to marry Kasimir, fuck myself and kill Kenny. Next 3, Rennie, Brophy and Teddy
  3. Reduce time in prison

    Learn to use /sur, there's a reason it's there and it already reduces the jailtime to 25% of what it would be otherwise
  4. Oh thank god Rampage you only showed the mild stuff. It's better not to show what Rennie does with his freetime
  5. Show us Yourself v2

    You look a bit like SAES>PunisheR
  6. nice colour


    now i can finally say what i wanted to say for years


    fuck you

  7. Changes to HQ

    Good evening all To make it all quick, there's some changes to the HQ structure. New HQ Member I'd like you all to welcome @Shaun to SAES HQ as the new member of the clans top brass and his role is now the official SAHA Manager for HQ. HQ itself "HQ Leader" role that I've previously had has been disassembled and is no longer there, instead the active "Senior HQ" will be shouting at the HQ members on a regular basis when they do stupid stuff. Last but not least I'll be retiring for a bit myself so any things you might've previously PMed to me you can PM the rest of the HQ or if it's about an HQ Member feel free to pester the lovely Scottish @Craig with it. kthxbai Tombaa & SAES HQ
  8. <3

    1. Tombaa


      What. The. Fuck.

    2. Mohd


      @Tombaa You abandoned the "Ban Teddy" petition and disappointed many members of the communtiy. It will be on-hold until you come back

  9. Show us Yourself v2

    That vest, that crawling, that weapon handling. It's all a disgrace
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