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  1. i asked staffs so  i get warning bone dont ignore 

  2. Please bro Unban me i'm a good gay i just want to play SAES RPG .

    1. Tut Greco

      Please bro Unban me i'm a good gay i just want to play SAES RPG .


  3. now i'm unbanned ?

  4. and mR Bone i have found a bug in my brother pc in saes . First Please unban me .

    the glitch is : he have been arrest and at the same time he have been killed and he have been out of the jail .

  5. can you unban me fast please:confused:

  6. please unban me i want to play with my brother .

  7. hey bone 

    can you open your messenger i want to talk with you 

  8. Event Time!

    Its your chance now to win the one and only... CJ house What do you have to do? Its simple all you have to do is make a picutre of yourself dressed up as your favorite GTA:SA character. For the people who are shy you can blackbar your face trough paint. There's no reason to photoshop/edit your photo further besides the blackbar How are the winners picked? : Only 3 can reach the finals one will be eliminated by the community and 1 will be eliminated by the SAES members \wich ends up in 1 winner. Where to post my cosplay? `May the best cosplay win!` Dont be sad there will also be a ingame event for those who are shy to show themself as their favorite GTA:SA character! During the event you have to make your way trough the list to gain points to make chance on winning $25m Theres no limit on points the one who finishes with the most points end of the event wins! So grab yourself a dildo at the local sex shop and start killing them! You have to screenshot or record the kills on the people named below and post them in the topic: ( Use one post to update your kill shares! score bonus points +5 by making a all-in-one montage) at the end of the event each participant will be counted based on kill points. - Tombaa. +1 - Magnus. +1 - Kain. +1 - Kenny. +1 - Angelo. +1 - Danny. +1 - Blade. +1 - Bunny. +1 - Jonas. +1 - Ardron. +1 - Rampage. +1 - Donna. +1 - Fyrr. +1 - Sidd. +1 - Toast. +1 - Patrol. +1 - Royalty. +1 - Joe. +1 - Nemesis. +1 - System. +1 - Domingez. +1 - Slaine. +1 - Haas. +1 - Zaza. +1 - Human. +1 - Mootje. +1 - Mellow +1 - Brophy +2 - NanoBob +2 - Bartman +2 - Bone +2 - Vinnie +20 - Teddybear +2 - Rennie +2 BOTH EVENTS WILL END ON : August 16th 2017 23:59 CET
  9. Bone

  10. /createparty problem solved.
  11. clear your inbox

  12. bone why im banned  ?!!!!


  13. [STUDY]What is Islam?

    Just to make a clear statement. If this thread goes off-topic once it will be instantly closed + the cause will be having his posting rights removed for a unknown periode.
  14. helppp Urgent help needed 3dsmax

    i've been trying to explain it you 2 times on discord but meh... If you want to add new kind of images and give them new positions you need to add those image (slot) at the objects in the .dff there are a few tutorials on http://www.gtagarage.com http://gtaforums.com/forum/109-tutorials/
  15. helppp Urgent help needed 3dsmax

    instead of starting serval " projects " do it one by one lol