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  1. Hi. You can unblock me from the ban appeal topic so I can make a appeal, thanks.

    1. Nba

      whops ignore

  2. Raw footage of NanoMeme at work
  3. What's going on?

  4. Black Squad

    once the game is getting populair it will be a pay2win micro transaction game.
  5. Official Quote Wall

  6. GMOD prop hunt

    Event details When: Saturday 2nd of September 7pm GMT Where:Our Gmod server!: Password:HansPeter21 What Modes:Prop Hunt Will Rennie recover his hidden dildo's ? DAMN RIGHT REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD THE MAPS BEFORE HAND http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=961481723 You will also need to own and download Counter Strike:Source to get most if not all the textures in most maps (OR follow Slaines guide here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bastagenet/discussions/0/144512753467069256/)
  7. on mta it would be impossible so far i know as new loaded models require a object to be replaced from the main source which is GTA:SA its the same as nailing a new house with nails used from the previous existing house which will end up in gaps
  8. A pic of Me trying to get a crim Tased

    nice mens, moved it to the blackhole as its nothing but spam.
  9. Official Quote Wall

    i'll be a gamebreaker to some now but seriously this is a GAMING forum not a forum to blackmark someone with private informations or what ever. If the next post beyond this line isnt related to the main topic he/she will be recieving a month suspension and a time-off ingame.
  10. Bone i swear im not fucking Alberto