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  1. Reward Change

    Sorted, you can edit your personal vehicle trough the web-page : http://saesrpg.uk/donations/vehicle
  2. Brawlhalla (Free 2 Play)

    10k 50 uses 48/50 uses left
  3. Terrorist attack on London

    can we now finally use #JeSuisLondon or #I'mLondon © @Joe
  4. currently the pilot class is set on the "Plane" string* But overall why would suit the passenger function on a stuntplant ? * "Plane" string are all the airplanes bunched into one string , "group"
  5. i think because you dont see the whole picture. script is build on https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetVehicleType meaning the stuntplane would require a seperate cancel/call function in the script.
  6. About Blaster..

    suprisingly his facebook is private :D
  7. dont think that the passenger script should apply on stuntplanes overall
  8. so funny that @Cutler is his new account <3
  9. I am very sorry :((( :'(

  10. I lost my Heli in LV (heli pad)

    your vehicle is deleted to make space for other vehicles, After you go inactive for longer than 1 month your vehicles will automatically be removed due inactivity. You are free to re-request your vehicle on the " Donation reward change " section.