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  1. requesting a banner

    the general has spoken
  2. requesting a banner

    I like the design but its abit darkish and looks like you hvnt spend some time in doing it. Looks sexy man, the sparkles are abit nah :D no man its abit random xD you scaled it or what Oo ? I really love your second and third one! could you show me the third one with abit of redish theme :O ? amazing man, but the eyes arnt liking it the logo is to much merged with the BG :D
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  4. Erdogan

  5. requesting a banner

  6. requesting a banner

    i'll close this mini contest saturday 14th jan
  7. requesting a banner

    would be better to contact me first for what it is :P
  8. Hey there, As you know the weed makes me unable to do some proper creations with PS. So i got a small task for one of you niggers :D Info: Banner 2048 x 399 px example: hit me up with a pm for more details if you are intrested in making a Bone happy. ofc a reward will be smilling at you :)
  9. Clean your inbox fag!

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  11. [SOLVED] Starwars Bug With Jail

    turned off starwars
  12. Hello Bone,

    I wannt to say im sorry for Multi-profiling, lying to ADMIN, and being an asshole, so i would be cool if u unban me and wee can start ower again, and i have learned my lessone about every thing, so if you can unban me if would be great, bye!



    P.s. Merry Cristmass and happy new year!




    Sorry for bad Eng its my 3rd language!


    Friday at 2:27 PM


    Did you read in PM?

  13. Jasem, Civic and Freaky in Canada

    looks more like Billionaire and Barry and the other indian