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  1. Donation:sael-S (Amount 4.00 GBP)

    Sorted, cheers for the donation!
  2. seals donation change

  3. Official Quote Wall

    All that text in the main chat and nobody crying about DM? I applaud.
  4. Kennys Been to India it seems!!

    @Teddybear need a "mic drop" gif for the ending of those posts haha
  5. Unban JoshBosh

    That video though haha
  6. How do you imagine the users to look.

    so according to @Quality , I'm cyclops from xmen. Pretty realistic considering my ex missus is a psychopath too
  7. What did saes give to you ?

    Gave me the fear of going on TinyChat with Austrians.
  8. Reward Change

    When you come in game, show us and we'll sort it, unable to find those vehicles
  9. Worm's Donation Change

    Planes and icons placed, Cars placed but no icons I'm afraid, donations webpage is currently broken, need @Brophy to look into that one (unable to change vehicles, error code A002)
  10. Reward Change

    Someone already done this? @vektor
  11. Gotta love Boston. True MVP
  12. Tokyo*s Reward changes

    Super gt - need permission from @vektor as it's his property stuntplane 1 - placed stuntplane 2 - placed ( your donations will require your name on them, but you can add up to 3 other players on your donations) vehicle 4 - ??
  13. Donation:deathshotdj (Amount 10.00 GBP)

    Money/ helicopter at lsa done
  14. Chasin's reward change.