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  1. KATLA Dev Diary #6

  2. Log splitting tool

    I've been looking for something similar for long time instead of using notepad++ F2 search tool, Anyways, it looks good although whenever i try to run it the app crashes.
  3. SAES is 14 years old!

    happy birthday brophy, you are now a grown boi .. 14 years old hell yaah !!!
  4. It's been over 7 years ever since the organization system (aka gang script) was lunched and no companies are known to survive so far beside ALT. Every company comes around goes easily after awhile due boredom in the civilian life and you can't compare a company with a squad nor a gang as they got much interesting stuff to do. Well, ALT was always known as their strict system in inviting people and if you could check our forums, there's no solo decision without discussing it with the whole company and then getting the approval from the HQ themselves. furthermore, There will be different requirements and a whole new fair recruiting system after taking this step and ofc under GM supervision. Also, I agree with you that people shouldn't have more than a company in their list to avoid group hoe's.
  5. I totally support the idea of moving ALT to the group section, it was so hard recently to keep up with the good updates for the other sides which made our job much harder since being a civilian limits the fun of the server also our main job is trucking which is accessible by all classes and refueling doesn't make a good profit and limited to a few times per day, however ALT survived by their loyal players but we see less interests in the civilian side... It's that time to open our doors for more players to experience how cool are being a civilian without having to be there via /gang which discreases the fun of the other shit around. @kenny
  6. Tell your trip

    Looks like some Dutchie had his life trip!
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  8. Desert Eagles Recruiment 2017!

  9. SAES on Discord

    Desert Eagles is now on discord Join us to chat, chill or if you have any question > https://discord.gg/RGAwMS2 Enjoy!
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