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  1. Come in game.

  2. Tell your trip

    Looks like some Dutchie had his life trip!
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  4. Desert Eagles Recruiment 2017!

  5. SAES on Discord

    Desert Eagles is now on discord Join us to chat, chill or if you have any question > https://discord.gg/RGAwMS2 Enjoy!
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  7. JI-6 clear ur inbooox!

    1. Dufabo

      Soooo,today or tomorrow?:D

  8. Top 3 highest Scores!

    Only the money in the screenshot will count for now and you are the richest player depending to this topic until someone else claims the rank
  9. Top 3 highest Scores!

    I can't find them ingame to take screens, can you post a screen of their stats so i include it to the list please
  10. Top 3 highest Scores!

    @bachwa , added it, I bet you have the highest record so far? ;) I never knew that someone has already over 10K Arrests, I'm literally amazed :O Gj mate !
  11. Top 3 highest Scores!

    Well, I have no idea if this already exists or not but i got inspired somehow on this forum and felt like we needed something like this so we know who are the ones behind the scenes are the best in literally everything such as Top kills, Arrests, richest players, longest play time on the server, Stopped robberies, bank robberies and Trucking missions? So let the fun begin if you really think that your name should be within the top players!! Top 3 Killers 1- N/A 2- N/A 3- N/A Top 3 Arrests: 1- Goodie / 20663 2- N/A 3- N/A Top 3 Robbers 1- KhaleD / 1687 2- N/A 3- N/A Top 3 Public Bank Robbers 1- KhaleD / 104 2- N/A 3- N/A Top 3 Stopped robberies 1- Goodie / 1211 2- N/A 3- N/A Top 3 Store Robbers 1- N/A 2- N/A 3- N/A Top 3 Truckers (Trucking missions) 1- N/A 2- N/A 3- N/A Top 3 Playing Time 1- N/A 2- N/A 3- N/A Top 3 Richest Players 1- Bazuka / $99,999,999 2- N/A 3- N/A Top 3 Safe Crackers 1- N/A 2- N/A 3- N/A So basically the challenge is very simple, All you need is to fill the following format if you want to prove to us that you are one of the top 3 players in something, Make sure to post a proof/screenshot from 'ingame' of what you think you are better than the others by using ( /states <Nickname> , Scoreboard or your bank account..etc) to be considered. Note: Nothing is official here, You may only claim a rank among the top 3 players in something by posting here and make sure to include a proof, the list will be updated daily by comparing your screenshots and whos better than who. Tell me if i should add anything else. Good luck, Keep it civil lads.
  12. Fuck! I just spend 11 Mills on my monster for the amazing extra collisions, it's such a good thing to earn some cash from derby events.. Y u people always moan about everything y god y :c
  13. Official Quote Wall

    We need to hire bartman to teach in ALT!