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  • Return of the Donation Changer

    , posted by: weskey 32 comments

    After some recoding I have finished up the new initial version of the Donation Vehicle Modification web panel.


    You can find it here: http://saesrpg.uk/donations/vehicle/
    Don't forget to login using your in-game credentials!

    The page will get continues updates for better user experience and what not.

    Please report any bugs you find so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

    Ps. If anyone can think of a better name, comment it below and maybe we will use it as the official name!

    32 comments on this article

    Can't check it at the moment but screenshot shows how it works tho, awesome job! I honestly am excited about this lol

    Just checked it. As for a better name; what about DMV? Department of motor vehicles? As we do the editings bt clicking the license plate, I like to see it as we aren't actually editing, we're registrating our modifications to the DMV.

    That is so massive..No other words than massive. It's just amazing. Thank you for your work, weskey.

    Gonna definitely try it out when im home.

    Cheers :)

    Had a awesome time trolling freaky and nanobob with this and many other players thanks @weskey :D

    Oo yea good job weskey!! :D

    well something more useful than star wars, good job

    Will it be possible to change the vehicles at their current position? Would suggest that! Not to change the position of it, but the vehicle!

    Weskey is just a fucking man behind hes words, he said he's working on it, and he didn't blowed bullshit, big ups for you Weskey, was really needful thing for me as I'm owning so much donations that someone can't even count that much, cheers Weskey, you're the man!

    Added it back to the more menu.



    Well nice to see it again !



    There's a bug.. i can't see my sabre donation.. and i can't to edit it

    ChopShop !

    Good job Weskey they love you !

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