Al Munazama - Information

  • Note: This not a Jihad or Terrorists group, if you came here for that then we aren't what you look for.

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    We are Al-Munazama, an Arabic word which means "The Orgainization", we are a group of Syrian refugees who live in San Andreas and always look for the other poor Syrian refugees in San Andreas to recruit them and train them to become "Askaries" and work for our organization, we were created by Mahdi Family and they are leading us to keep the eyes of both of the media and the police away from their illegal business. In brief, we are a group of Syrian rebels..

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    Criminal Activity: As stated in the Our Target section, we do anything for keeping all the eyes away from Mahdi's Family business, we can kidnap, kill, burn, jailbreak.. And more!

    Fuel Smuggling (Side role): At a visit to Mahdi's family house.. Mosaad, Al-Munazama Leader, was informed that the family won't be fully supporting the organization from now on, so Al-Munazama had to find another way for having a good income so they can afford their equipment and requirements. After some discussion, Al-Munazama leaders agreed on starting the business of fuel smuggling which will help a lot in getting enough money for the equipment.

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    • Group Name: Al - Munazama
    • Group Tags: Rank.Name|M
    • Founders: Brondy, ViRuSLN and Blue
    • Motto Riot, Blood, Money, Fire - الشغب، الدم ،المال، النار
    • Color Code: #873138

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    2011 - The Syrian Revolution

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    A family called Mahdi's Family were living in one of the syrian streets at a big old house, this family worked for years in the field of the explosives industry, selling Primitive homemade explosives, and selling it to the rebels and the civilians.. Their business started to grow after the revolution began, the amount of people who buy explosives were increased, they decided to open their own factory at Hamad Desert, Unfortunately, after some period of success, the Syrian police could know their location and they arrested a large number of members of the family

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    2013 - The New Life

    After what the family met.. The rest of the family who could escape decided to travel to San Andreas, America to continue their business, after they arrived.. they wanted to start the business again but they didn't want to fall in the same situation as the rest of the family, one of the old brothers of the family suggested a great idea to keep the eye of the police and the media away of their business, they decided to do a lot of rebel activities around the city under the name of Al - Munazama which means the organization in English..

    2013 - Al - Munazama

    They started to recruit other Syrian Refugees in San Andreas and training them well, they could buy a fair amount of basic weapons to spread the riot and the mess in San Andreas streets, they started growing and growing, and the business of the family started to grow without the interference of the police, and till now, 2018, they are recruiting more guys

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    2018 - The American Police
    Al-Munazama was passing by it's worst time, since most of its members were jailed during a failed attempt to attack Los Santos jail and do a jailbreak, some of those members were under a big pressure by the police so they betrayed Al-Munazama and gave the police some informations about us which made it easier for them to arrest more of us.

    One day, the American police has known where were Al-Munazama's members hiding, they raided their hideout at Bone County where some members were hiding including Al -Rayies, Mahmoud Mahdi, that was the worst day ever in the Al-Munazama's history.. The police started opening fire and Al-Munazama were defending, some members were hurt and some were killed, but we never expected what happened.. Al-Rayies was killed! Once Mahmoud Mahdi has been shot his brother, Mosaad, ordered everybody to retreat and escape, and they found another place to hide at.

    2019 - Back In Action
    Mosaad has taken over his brother's place, he was thinking about taking revenge for his brother and achieve Al-Munazama's main target, he started recruiting more Syrian refugees in San Andreas and training them well so what happened don't happen again.. Now, Al-Munazama is stronger, bigger, more dangerous! and they will keep working for their target...

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    2020 - Different Approaches
    We have had a catastrophic loss. Our leader was suffering from cancer for a good period of time, hence why we had foreseen this already. As he passed away, I, the second in command, Abdul Rasaq, son of the rayies, have taken the position. I have always had a different mindset than my dad's.

    The world was changing, but the mindset of my dad and how he approached things weren't. Therefore I have decided to approach things differently. We have been trying to avenge what these cruel Americans have done to our Syria for decades now and we didn't even come close. But I believe that I'm capable of changing that. I believe that I'll bring us government on its knees as my dad and his have been trying to do for so long. You might wonder how?

    Well, my brothers, I have had contact with an anonymous supporter of ours who is willing to provide us whatever we need & sponsor us. He has the money and resources to make my plans succeed and he is willing to help us. At first, I didn't believe him, but apparently, by helping us he will be achieving his motives as well making this a win-win situation. This man wants to take over the government, but this won't happen unless we cooperate with him.

    Our role in this all will be causing chaos all over San Andreas. We will be burning government buildings, starting riots all over San Andreas, rob its stores, and whatnot. He will be providing everything we need in order to make this work.

    I believe with this man's help and resources, we will be bringing the government on its knees & our sponsor will take it over. He will be appointing members of our organization to important positions and with his help, we will bring Syria to America a promised! Even better, WE WILL REBUILD SYRIA AND MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN!

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