The Blood Brothers MC Celebration RoadTrip San Andreas~

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    Road Trip Organisation :

    "If it's a road, we should be the gods"
    Greeting for all SAES players and after along discussin we decided in coolaboration with HQ team to make a big roadtrip and we ask everyone to come to this tradition event for every MC; It will come as a celebration of our 1 month since creation.
    Indeed the road trip may take 30min around all San Andreas , it will include our members leading with their freeways accompanied with gang supporters and friends
    So dont mind Spawning you freeway and joining our respected trip
    The Date is 30/06/2018 (Be There !)
    Starting ingame time 18:00 (Be There !)
    The Blood Brother MC
    HQ Team

  • The Blood Brother MC
    We have successfully completed the Roadtrip, thank you everyone who participated.
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