Fight For Freedom
By Davos, in Gangs

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    Fight For Freedom is a street gang that fights for its freedom. Why do they fight for their freedom, you might ask.
    Let me ask you a question, if the government puts your most dearest friend in prison when he is innocent, would you not question your countries justice? We banned drugs and fornification in our city, why? Because we followed our former leaders cause and we tried to make our neighborhood a cleaner place. But what did the government do to us? They closed our shops, put our people in custody without reason. What did we do? We kept quite, but we were fed up and it was time to put an end to it. Firstly we saved our friends from prison. Did we stop? No! We sold guns to most of the gangs in the city and we tried to protect people from the capitalist system. The war between us and the government kept on for three years. While the city blood was a bloodbath, we slowly got closer and closer to our goal. Then the government had an agreement with us. They left our neighborhood to us and we stopped fighting because we were succesful in our cause. What is our goal now? To bring freedom to all of San Andreas

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    We smuggle guns to other gangs and provoke them agains the government.

    We sell the guns that we bought from the Russians in certain points of the city and we are experinced in it.
    We show other gangs how to smuggle guns easly into the country in return for money.

    We got some guys working as bodyguards at some of our offices and locations such as bars and safe houses. These guys are the representatives of our partnership with the enterprise owners. Nobody can take tributes or attack the enterprises which we protect. Enterprises and their owners are under our protection.

    Car dealing, buying cars and selling them: The purpose of this business is to make checkpoints for ourselves in this city. These places are under protection of our gang members and dirty cops that work for us. The boss of this business is Galerici Aydin, the fastest car dealer in Los Santos.

    Showing other gangs how to smuggle guns into the country: We show other gangs how to smuggle guns easly into the country in return for money. These affair both make us richer and improve our relations with other gangs.

    Armed assassins: We have few friends that stay under the radar and help us threaten the people we like and kill them in order to make an example to those who oppose us.

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    Gang founder and leader : Davos
    Gang level: 0
    Gang Tag:[F4F] and [LBA] for sub gang
    Gang Money : 10000000$
    Gang motto : Fight For Freedom!
    Gang color : #0B610B

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    It is obligatory to buy a Saber Model car.
    It is obligatory for the car to be green.
    It is obligatory to take Los Santos Arms Dealer.
    It is obligatory for the gang member to take the tag.
    It is forbidden for gang members to attack each other.
    You must first use the sub gang tag in your first week in the gang.
    It is forbidden for gang members to quarrel with each other.
    You can not fire at your teammate.
    No chitchatting.

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    Grade 5
    Grade 4
    Grade 3
    Grade 2
    Grade 1
    Grade 0

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