Dear everyone,

In this topic, one can find what has to be done in order to become an official applicant of Al Munazama. Following everything explained here will definitely increase your chances to get a positive result as an applicant, so make sure you read the information carefully.

Our recruitment procedure works different compared to the last recruitment. This time, we will answer applications every 2 weeks (Beginning of a month + half of the month) instead of instant responses, so that the applicants get enough time to prove themselves. Applying a few days before the 2 weeks will NOT get you an answer during that 2 week cycle. The applicant is expected to have been an applicant for AT LEAST 2 weeks, so that we can fairly compare the applicants and make decisions.

We expect that the potential applicants fulfill the following requirements before attempting to write an application:

  • Must be active in-game and on discord.
  • Must know that we are not a terrorist or a Jihad group. If you want to join this kind of groups, then we are not what you are looking for
  • Must have decent English, fluent enough to host a creative RolePlay activity.
  • Must be obedient towards the group members, loyal and proactive.

If you do fulfill these requirements, then we expect you to consider the following rules while writing the application:

  • Keep the application format as it is. Do not make it over-complicated with different colors whatsoever.
  • Your character story will be the definitive character that you are going to portray as a member of Al Munazama, so consider it carefully and make sure that you are able to fulfill your character traits.
  • Create a new topic in the Recruitment section with the title: Name's application for Al Munazama

Finally, during the application process, you can do the following, to boost your chances for joining Al Munazama:

  • ACTIVELY participate in RolePlays organized by Al Munazama members and stay in touch with our members on Discord, for a MINIMUM amount of time of 2 weeks.
  • We appreciate RolePlays more than events
  • You are FREE to post your own RolePlays and events for Al Munazama on our media archive, as we consider refugees a part of our family already. We would truly appreciate it however, if you can quote the RP's OR post the links referring to the activity on your application topic, so that we can easily notice your efforts
  • Proactive is an underrated trait. You do NOT have to wait for Al Munazama members to host your own Roleplay. You can organize it yourself, along with other refugees, and post it on our media archive + quote it to your application topic.

The media archive can be found here:

If the applicant believes that he is able to fulfill all of those mentioned earlier, he can write an application using the format below.