Driving License + Cars Papers

  • !! Hello and Welcome Everyone !!

    Today while i was thinking for somthing to make Saes Realistic i found thing simple and useful and that can make server more realistic wich is Driving License + cars papers and give ability to cops to know if the car is stolen or not by checking papers or Car plate in cop cars and criminals too to give and back the papers ; whoever steal the car will get stars and be wanted / and give each Car it papers .

    Positive of the suggestion :

    • That can make RP realistic and give it nice acting .
    • Stop and finish stealing cars of other players .
    • It is easy to get The Driving license .

    Negative of the suggestion :

    • Nothing Negative Conversely that will make the server Great .

    IDEA: I wish from Saes HQ's add Spawn and new Character To teach players and give driving licenses .

  • add poll

  • First i think you should add a poll for that so people can vote.
    Now into my opinion, having that for RP is great, but stop stealing cars in mta sa? That makes no sense and would take one of the most iconic things of GTA. Plus no one gives a shit about driving properly

  • Do you know cars plates have your username on it, so it is easy to check if the car is stolen.

  • I remember seeing a similar suggestion, but i like it anyway

  • Same system you might see at SAMP,but as I billion times said ,it makes their servers kinda boring when you gotta do many little tasks to sart playing regular and comfortable game,SAES doesn't need it,because that's the difference between RPG and RP servers