2nd Bracket of the Summer GangWars 2019

  • Hello, there fellow members of the Community.

    As the 1st Bracket of the Summer GangWars of 2019 is over, we're moving onto the 2nd one.

    We will also change up the Betting system a bit since it would be safer for us and you guys.

    If you submit your bet, we add it to this topic and once it's confirmed in our discord by one of the Bet Services members, we will add this emoji next to it: ✔

    Once your winnings have been paid out, this emoji will be added 💰 instead of the ✔

    This is just to make sure that bets can't be edited etc

    Now let us move towards the betting rules:-


    You should put the money you bet to the Lounge Bank before the last hour match day. For this, be sure you contact one of the Lounge Managers or LoungeTV Members.
    You can bet minimum 500.000$ and maximum 25.000.000$
    You are not allowed to talk with any of the teams having match which you are betting for. Any type of scams will end up in a ban from all Lounge activities and a report to the SAES Staff.
    Do not give your money to Induvidual Shareholders. They are not responsible for Lounge bank.
    You can not cancel your bet after its confirmation.
    You can neither decrease nor increase your bet after confirming it.
    You can not change your team you bet for (after confirmation).
    You have 4 days' period to take your bet price. Don't come to us after 4 days for your bid that you won.
    Whoever bets maximum money (25m) will now receive a free ticket to the match. The user can also share his ticket with someone else.
    Take screenshots when you send the money. Don't cry for your confirmation. And yeah just an advice, take screens... Always!
    Do not cry for your money if you lose the bet. Thanks.


    You are not allowed to bet on the enemy team at your own match. You are able bet on yourself by the way. The rule descreases the scam risk.
    Lounge has rights to stop the match whenever they want to.
    Don't even try to sell the game. Any type of scams will end up in a ban from all Lounge activities and a report to the SAES Staff.
    Any kind of retardish actions or rage will end up in a disqualification and the game will be count as 3-0 lose.
    If the team doesn't show up in time they will have to pay 10.000.000$ penalty and the results will be counted as a direct win for the opponent team.
    Golden Round means 2 more rounds, atacker will still atack and defender will still defend.
    Players with ping more than 200 will not be allowed to take part in. However, we are not responsible for ping changes in the middle of the match.
    Substitions are allowed after each round end.
    You can not invite someone in your g/s/c before the match.
    If you are participang in a match before making an agreement with lounge, you will not receive your winner prize after the match. This will continue until you finish the agreement.

    Current bets:
    DROT (milicajac) - 25m on SWAT 💰
    Flusha (ogulcan01) - 25m on SWAT💰
    Element (denis10) - 25m on SWAT 💰
    A7mod (ahmedboss7) - 10m on AA ❌ | B~B ❌
    Dodger (hotgun) - 25m on CripZ ❌
    Duff (fener1907) - 25m on CripZ ❌
    PulaR (kmkm567) - 10m on B~B ✔
    Schwarz (baristezgel2) - 10m on B~B ❌
    Venelle (mrredbull) - 10m on SWAT 💰
    madrazo (creptiz) - 3m on AA ✔ | B~B ✔
    xDarkMan (freezer13) - 1m on B~B ✔
    Kim (fargada2356) - 2m on AA ✔
    Freezoom (maxismuz4141) - 5m on SWAT 💰 | 3m on B~B ✔ | 8m on MMC heavy_check_mark:
    Estinoge (estist) - 5m on SWAT 💰
    Kasparov (kasparov) - 5m on SWAT ✔
    SWT (cheaty) - 5m on CDS ✔ | 5M on CripZ ✔ | 5m on AA ✔
    Hope (zaid2015) - 2m on B~B ✔ | 2m on SWAT 💰
    HasH (olp) - 4m on SWAT ✔
    CrazyBoy (mehmet1106) - 2m on SWAT ✔
    k2rhym (icecream69) - 25m on B~B ❌
    Anas (cyberghost) - 15m on SWAT ✔
    Karim (chinwibenlaid) - 2m on OC ✔
    Stay (stayalive) - 3m on B~B ✔
    Harb (omarharb) - 10m on B~B ✔
    Arone (attar) - 3m on OC ✔ | 3m on AA ✔
    Nishki (bluelive122) - 1.2m on CDS ✔
    xPaw (legenda171) - 20m on OC ✔
    Jasser (jesser01) - 25m on B~B ❌
    Ment (emirhanpolat) - 25m on CDS ❌ | 25m on AA ❌ | 25m on B~B ❌
    Cocko (lokotoma) - 5m on OC ✔ | 5m on B~B ✔
    Antirug (antirug) - 10m on SWAT ❌
    Mrwan (jaycee2015) - 2m on CDS ✔ | 10m on OC ✔ | 3m on AA ✔ | 5m on CripZ ✔
    Siper (s1p3r) - 1m on CripZ ❌
    Phrost (alper35) - 10m on SWAT ✔ | 5m on CripZ ✔
    Lightning (lightning12) - 25m on SWAT 💰
    Ferthis (ferthistheking17) - 5m on CDS ✔ | 5m on MMC ✔ | 10m on CripZ ✔
    Joshbond (joshbond) - 25m on SWAT ✔ | 25m on AA ✔ | 10m on B~B ✔
    Dexter (nicodie) - 25m on AA ❌
    koko or urmum (kaloqndichev) - 25m on AA :p ✔
    Sparrow (kajs54) - 3m on CDS ✔
    Sakura (nilslego) - 5m on SWAT ✔
    Dubstep14 (dubstep14) - 1m on AA ❌ | 1m on SWAT ❌ | 2m on OC ✔
    Amara (adem) - 22m on SWAT 💰
    Rzz0 (rzz0) - 5m on CDS ✔
    Fugitive (fugitive9811) - 5m on CDS ✔
    Justsomeane (justsomeane) - 25m on CDS ✔
    Gaga (oussama88) - 5m on SWAT 💰 | 25m on OC ✔
    Barry (justen) - 2m on SWAT 💰
    Gotchi (wassouma10) - 4m on OC ✔
    Jay (jme92) - 25m on AA ✔ | 25m on OC ✔
    TameR (omar0101565) - 5m on OC ❌

    Matches, Betting Odds & Dates:

    CDS 1.2x vs SWAT 1.3x 11th July 2019
    OC 1.25x vs MMC 1.35x 13th July 2019
    FOX 1.3x vs AA 1.25x 18th July 2019
    BB 1.35x vs CripZ 1.45x 20th July 2019

    To submit a bet, fill in the format:
    Team betting on:

    Executive & CFO of LoungeINC, Markus
  • Name: DROT
    Username: milicajac
    Team betting on: SWAT
    Amount: 25m

  • Name: Flusha
    Username: ogulcan01
    Team betting on: SWAT
    Amount: 25m

    Hi @Ment

  • Name: Element
    Username: denis10
    Team betting on: SWAT
    Amount: 25m

    Let's get it!

  • Nyx & Cripz

  • Name: A7md
    Username: ahmedboss7
    Team betting on: B~B, AA
    Amount: 10m each

    alt text

  • @nyx_ said in 2nd Bracket of the Summer GangWars 2019:

    Nyx & Cripz

    Here is the end

  • Name: dodger
    Username: hotgun
    Team betting on: CripZ
    Amount: 25m

  • Name: duff
    Username: fener1907
    Team betting on: CripZ
    Amount: 25m

    alt text


  • @Wassim said in 2nd Bracket of the Summer GangWars 2019:

    Name: BobRov
    Username: wissou
    Team betting on: ICE-POLICE
    Amount: 25m

    Where do you see ICE?

  • Name: PulaR
    Username: kmkm567
    Team betting on: B~B
    Amount: 10m

  • Name:SCHWARZ
    Username: baristezgel2
    Team betting on: B~B
    Amount: 10m

  • Name: Vennelle
    Username: mrredbull
    Team betting on: SWAT
    Amount: 10M

  • Name: madrazo
    Username: creptiz
    Team betting on: Black~Bullets, Arms Assassins
    Amount: 3m for each

  • Name: xDarkMan
    Username: freezer13
    Team betting on: BB 😛
    Amount: 1m

  • Name: Freezoom
    Username: maxismuz4141
    Team betting on: TWAT(SWAT)
    Amount: 5M

  • Name: Jasser
    Username: jesser01
    Team betting on: BB
    Amount: 25m