Making Squads/Gangs Unique

  • Greetings peasants.

    Today I'd like to start a discussion concerning gangs/squads and how similar they are to each other at this point of time. Currently, one squad has access to everything that all other squads have as well, same goes for gangs minus ability to choose what they'd like to /sell. Differences between a gang/squad and another gang/squad falls down to small things like different skins, different name, different roleplay story (not always) or different choice of basic weapons and most importantly, different members.

    To sum the point up:
    Everything that FOX can have, ICE can have too, although their roles are entirely different.
    Everything that CripZ have, AA can have too, although their roles are entirely different.
    This makes all squads practically identical to other squads and gangs identical to other gangs.

    What I'd personally like to see is making both gangs and squads different from other gangs and squads, giving them unique things that fit their roleplay, which other squad/gang would not have access to. AA roleplays arms dealers, so why not give them access to some weapons unavailable to other players or even make them able to sell some, like dual colt or uzi. NNB are narcotics based so they could be able to sell drugs, maybe get a police dog as third spawn. Tuga Thugs are martial arts oriented, so why not give them a knife, allow TST to have otherwise unavailable flying vehicles as they're air based and so on and so on. Each gang/squad could have its unique ability.

    Of course, it'd all have to be nicely balanced and the examples I wrote above are the first thoughts I came up with of so take them with a grain of salt. The point stands, currently g/s are almost identical to one another and to my belief it would be way more interesting to make them unique.

  • Doubt this will be accepted but I see what you're trying to say, +1

  • At my view, what distinguishes organizations it's their charisma and personality, apart from their roles.

    About their rewards, they can choose what they get. Gangs can have personal stuff made for them, after reaching some level. Most choose selling weapons and drugs because it's more practical than thinking on a script where they can "easy" money and that fits their role. For example, if I ain't mistaken and if I remember properly AA had the transporter script for a bit.

  • @Rzz0 said in Making Squads/Gangs Unique:

    "NNB's vision is to be a leading and dynamic law enforcement agency in the fight against drugs and to make San Andreas drug-free." - taken from their topic
    a squad based on fighting against drugs, will sell drugs
    high iq

    Police is here to prevent the crime and arrest people, but they still have the option to take bribe, even though that's exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. Cop with access to drugs could be just as corrupt and sell that.

    @Rzz0 said in Making Squads/Gangs Unique:

    imagine the rage from the copside KEK

    Nothing to rage about if they get cool things too.

  • If you want to talk about being unique, we need to stop all the squads taking eachothers skins.

    We need to stop gangs doing the same and actually enforce the skin limit.

    I made a tracker post, below, outlining all gangs and squads who are currently in violation of the rules set by @SAES-Group-Managers

    It still has not been actioned, despite uploads since then on more than one occasion.

    That issue is going on 4 months old, if they have no interest in enforcing the rules that already exist they're sadly unlikely to make more, and even when they do they wont be enforced.

    Good overall idea but not do-able in the current climate unfortunately.

  • It is a nice idea and would make the people on the server to have different things to do. My opinion is the same as Drot, lets add something to make each gang and each squad different from the others. +1

  • What makes a gang or squad unique is structure, HQ team and members, there is not much u can give a organization, you cant give a gang knife or ability to sell double weps, what if AA could sell parachute cane golf club etc

  • I definitely agree with this suggestion - but I also know why this hasn't and also won't be enforced.

    SAES isn't a role-play server anymore (Mind you, I know it's RPG) - people are primarily just playing to kill, arrest and make money. Nobody really participates in their role anymore. The only reason squads, gangs and groups role-play (at times), is to keep their requiring criteria up to keep their levels. Organsiations choose their arsenal based on what gives them the biggest advantage, and not to fit their role.

    I miss the old days when SAi had daily role-plays on the highways, the gangs role-played kidnappings, squads were participating in their specific role. I remember back when I was running DEA with Sam-B (I think it was), we used to raid bases for drugs (role-playing).

    Just yesterday I saw a 'war' going on, which was simply an excuse for death-matching. I agree we need to have fun by seeing who's the best marksman, best as a ground unit and as an air unit, but I feel like its just going too far, based on what it used to be.

    I'm having a shit ton of fun on the server, but I sure do miss the old intensive role-playing aspects we had.

    Great suggestion.

  • +111

    thought AA cant have same what chips have, we are armsassasins & not drugsassasins 😃