• Alright, so I wanted to propose to ya'all a new thing we could add in SAES:RPG. Alright so as you may seen in the Squads/Gangs bases we have some peds standing there (TT;CDC etc..) not moving, so i wanted to change something, by adding guns to those peds, so if you are not part of this gang/squad and you stay in front of the base for 5 sec, they'll just aim at you 20 sec they'll start to fire at you.
    (I ain't a scrippter so can't really help, just proposing a new idea)

  • Yea seems cool i don't see why not

  • @Lucifer said in SCRIPT PROPOSITION (Yes or no):

    (I ain't a scrippter so can't really help, just proposing a new idea)

    just call god html dev filex

    about the topic, I don't see the point of it, sorry

  • @kipt Well mate, we lack of roleplay, and reality this would fill-up that lack.

  • it would be neat for Gangrobs if any gang still does that. But otherwise i dont see any use of it, and how would it benefit roleplay?

  • Let's use never-dying peds for Deathmatching ! +1

  • @Xavier Well, in every irl gang/squads you find some security outside the base, with guns. If you don't move or your not known, they'll aim

  • I don't like the thought of having robots do guarding jobs. If you don't want people raiding your TT base, why don't you get your own hands on a gun and start fighting? If we were to have robots at gang bases, so should we at jail and many other places and I don't fancy that happening.

  • @Lucifer in my view, this has nothing to do with roleplay, tbh