Another prison in SF ?

  • Suggestion removed , I didn't like the idea .. But you can still vote !

  • It would be great to actually move it in SF. The city is dead nowadays since there's nothing special to do. Maximum if the SR starts there.. or every 3rd or 4th BR is held there . So yeah, could be interesting to have the only one there.

  • Well my idea wasn't about moving the jail it was about adding another one there for people who get arrested in LV or SF

  • mate SF is Dead af also OB cant doing 2 or 3 Jails at the same time. we are better with the 1 jail

  • That would be good if there is 1 Jail every 1 state. Like LS jail as we know - SF and LV , my idea is to Max prisoner size. If there is 24 cells in LS jail there will be 24
    person can be jailed at the time in that Jail. After the limit reached the new jailed ones will be at LV or SF jail which is empty or the however script is working. While the time SF / LV is filling up LS can be jailbreaked or can be emptied by waiting their seconds.

  • Voted no because the suggested idea should be abit extended in thinking. even tho im in favor of it overall.

    If you get arrested in LV region ( TR/BC/etc) you should be going to an LV jail, vice versa for when you are arrested in an SF region ( Bayside,sf, whetstone ) you should be going to SF jail