• Well i see alot of good mappers in saes that are doing an amazing job so i have though about this suggestion that they may support which is :
    Talking to saes hqs and asking for their permession to organize a kind of a competition in saes about mapping, it will be the following, So players basically go to the map editor and build what they want to,

    • rebuilding the skatepark
    • building RP Points
      and those maps will be implented for saes of course after the HQs confirmation and it will be permanent ( the size of the map will be limited)
      Let us unleash the creativity.
  • you suggested more than i ever did zei calm down man
    i will vote yes to support the wave of No's u will get XD

  • Yes, hell yes!

  • More download needed
    More items to load (people will shit PC will start to complain)

  • @Crash i said it will be limited