San Andreas Airlines ✈
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    Group name: San Andreas Airlines

    Group tags : [SAA]Nick for normal members
    [SAA]nick<HQ> for HQs

    Motto: San Andreas Airlines affordable plus confortable...

    Color Code: #00EEEE

    Leader : @GanJa

    Vice Leader :

    HeadQuarter (HQ) : @hope, @Reacher, @Noisyboy , @Karma

    Sub HQ (sHQ) : @Scorpyo, @Note @FlaMe

    Members : @JoseFrags , @Kaylerr , @XpookS, @ziad, @Riley, @Bangas

    Date of creation: 20.06.18

    Discord link:

    Media Archive Link:

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    SSA is a group based on RP, we thought about doing this a long time ago, since its unique and propably never done before, so thats why we thought about launching this small project right away since lately a lot of players are spawned as pilots so this will be a good apportunity for them and "us" to learn from it and to gain experience...

    Story: we started back in the eighties when mr.Tuhn won the lottery, so he decided to invest all of his money and buy a simple aircraft so he can can start his own airlines, after 2 years of hard work, mr.Tuhn made a lot of money so he decided to extend more his project by buying new aircafts and moving on new airports. on 2018, San Andreas Airlines became one of the best airlines ever, they took part in all most all San Andreas airports and they have high trained pilots and full equiped teams plus they do have all kinds of aircrafts...

    Our current members and Roles:

    General: @GanJa
    Vice General: N/A
    professional Pilots: @hope @Reacher @Noisyboy
    Official Pilots: @Scorpyo @FlaMe
    Flight attendant: @Note
    Pilots: @JoseFrags @Kaylerr @XpookS
    Newbie Pilot: @Bangas @ziad @Riley

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    Our main role is to transport passengers, thats why we took care of this section very well.

    Confort : our budget allows us to offer all of our passengers the best quality(chairs, pillows, drinks, food, entertainment such us TVs, Beds, etc...

    finally a lot of space so the passengers can freely move(only for business class)

    Prices: From Los Santos airport => Las venturas airport
    1st class: 50k
    business class: 30k
    economy class: 15k
    Prices: From Los santos airport => San fierro airport
    1st class: 70k
    business class: 50k
    economy class: 30k
    Prices: From Las venturas airport => San fierro airport
    1st class: 60k
    business class: 40k
    economy class: 20k
    Those prices were set according to in-game money(it will propably change after the money reset)

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    Secondary role:

    This group have two sides, the bright one (legal) and the dark one (illegal).

    Legal transportation: mainly for squads (weapons, ammos etc...)

    Illegal transportation: for gangs and criminals ( drugs, weapons, ammos etc...)

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    SAA skins:

    SAA aircrafts:

    We use all kinds of aircrafts atm (except andromada etc...)

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    -To join our group and to become a part of our family you better be respectful and atleast have a good reputation around our dear community.
    -Respect all the server rules.
    -Respect your leader and high ranked members.
    -Since we are a RolePlay group, any childish act or mouvement will get you an instant kick.

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    You can apply for SAA by copying this application format :

    Nationality and age:
    How long have you been playing in SAES:
    Your curent groups:
    Why you want to join SAA?
    What will you offer to this group?

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    Straight from,

  • @ganja said in San Andreas Airlines:

    Toilet Cleaner and flight attendant: @Note

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  • @flex said in San Andreas Airlines:

    @ganja said in San Andreas Airlines:

    Toilet Cleaner and flight attendant: @Flex ?

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  • good luck tunisair

  • Tunisian Airlines.
    Good luck fella.

  • Good luck!

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  • My BF created a group. GOOD LUCK YOU SHARMOUTA

  • Venturas ramp to SAA001, you guys have a gay hanging by the door, you should check that before clearing for pushback, over.

  • tunisians are back at it again with a brand new group LUL, good luck sousse gang

  • ART 1:
    In-Game name:kyrat
    PART 2:
    Why do you want to join SSA: cauz i have lot of friends in here. Plus, im crazy about flying. Finaly, cauz i think that this group has a promising future
    Why we should accept you: maybe cauz, i already have experience in airlines (i was in SDO) and cauz i can help at activities and RPs. Plus, im loyal and active

  • @kyrat
    Meet me in-game for an interview.

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    PART 1:
    In-Game name: Ziad
    Age: 16
    PART 2:
    Why do you want to join SSA: im good at flying by shamal and i Love roleplaying and i can help SSA
    Why we should accept you: im good at RP and English , i have skillz at airlines and im active all the day
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  • @ziad Pending
    Hit me on discord for a talk...

  • PART 1:
    In-Game name: Riley
    Username: rendor123
    Nationalty: Hungarian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    PART 2:
    Why do you want to join SSA: I wanna join the SSA, becouse I think this group got a unique role with big chances. I think, I would like this kind of RP situations.
    Why we should accept you: My activity, english and RolePlaying knowledge are definitely good. I would be active in the group, and I would help the group in anything I could.

  • @ziad Accepted

    @Riley Accepted

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  • veri nice

  • PART 1:
    In-Game name: Bangas,sometimes i add |GOD tag.
    Age:i am 18 years old.
    PART 2:
    Why do you want to join SSA:well, i like to RP also piloting is one of the main hobbies, so I thought that would be nice do something where i have pleasure and at same time having fun and of course create new contacts know new people is also very important.
    Why we should accept you: The answer is relatively simple, in my mind this group is looking for people that must have good skills with aircrafts and a good knowlage about RP but also that people should be decent,i mean, decent english, mature,etc.. and last but not least the people who you are looking for must be able to post and help the group with activities. All this to say that I think I fulfill all the requirements I mentioned.
    Thanks for read,

  • @bangas ACCEPTED.