[TT]Ne0dym abusing G6 abilities

  • It was today just a 10 mins ago.At the CEM event, so i came in the same position as [TT]Buck and [TT]Ne0dym and i killed them in solo.After that events, Ne0dym warped as G6 and killed me from behind. As he said"I need to kill 2 anim abusers".So he was mad just cuz they both lost against 1 guy.My teammate has a nickname"215|VitOo.My own nickname was"215".Pay attention at the console, there is no message that i was killed in event, it ,means that i were kicked.Unfortunatelly i didn't take screen with a message that i was kicked=/
    alt text
    alt text

  • This post is deleted!
  • Hey.

    While I agree that you should not of been killed by someone in the event in this way, this did happen during an event and therefore it is the responsibility of the event organiser to protect you and remove anyone from the event who needs to be removed.

    Whilst your report does look legitimate and I can understand why you would be annoyed by what happened, this is something which should be addressed by a G6/CLO HQ, namely @Groove @nicus etc.

    Failing that you can always report the incident privately to the HQ who is responsible for management of groups like CLO, DE, G6 etc. That man would be @kenny

    I will be closing this report now, and for the record at the time of this post no action has been taken.

    @Trevor If you post in a report that has nothing to do with you, you will find yourself removed from the forums.