HTML based gang/squad/company/group pages

  • Hey SAES,

    I just got an idea for a new GM reward. When a gang reaches, say level 5, they get the opportunity to have one post that supports HTML, CSS and perhaps some carefully reviewed Javascript. This will allow gangs to show off their topic like never before and gives designers and even developers some way to earn some cash.

    I envision the following, instead of having a markdown page:



    But a cool page like (Artwork completely unrelated just got something I found with a quick Google search):




    Of course these kind of pages might want to be added through the GM tracker on GitHub and heavily supervised by GM/SAES Devs with their own set of rules and guidelines to them.

    I'd be happy to get some opinions.

  • Sorry Dyam,
    i voted with no because why should a Squad/Gang with lots of cars etc. get a better Possibility to represent itself than a Squad/Gang which is in Need of Members.
    This will result in letting big Gangs/Squads grow and smaller ones die.

    I dont like that. Everyone or nobody! But the Idea is great to do it for every Squad/Gang!

  • Would it be worth a try?
    Yes why would I care to say no, and yes like buddler says, it'll then be funny to see what kind of flashy stuff the algerians come up with 🔦

  • i voted yes but i more to what @buddler said, this can be awesome with groups

  • fuck

  • internet