Vándalos de El Corona
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    Vándalos de El Corona is a street gang with home in the Latin neighborhood of El Coronas, Los Santos. They are very aggressive within the limits of what they call their homes and will often make moves out of it for the sake of their business. Sometimes, even people who don't have latino roots take part of the gang activity, due to being re-located in Government housing of El Corona, althought that is not often the case.

    El Corona is home for the members of Vándalos and they will do whatever requires to protect it and make it progress, which is their common belief. As for the rest, they are normal people with common jobs who often work around the neighborhood, aslong as they are not directly involved in an activity of this society. This often makes it hard for the law to spot the actual threats and El Corona makes a perfect hideout for anyone who knows it enough. A strong symbolism, feeling of family and clear aims are the three pilars that shape this dangerous organization.

    La Corona se lleva en el alma ~The Crown is worn in the soul

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    • Heavy Presence on the Neighborhood: Groups of Pandilleros keep patrolling the neighborhood and will do anything in their hands to protect it from other gangs, it's not only a matter of respect but also a lot of money making depends on keeping the control of El Coronas. The knowledge of the area makes the soldiers able to defend it effectively and also disappear easily behind its limits.

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    • Bring life to the neighborhood: Caring so much for your home also means keeping it in a good shape and this means social activity for the Vándalos. Drinking, meeting and enjoying time together in the neighborhood is something which happens often but also supporting the local workers and creating business of their own which bring outsiders to the area. Also, the designs of the Vándalos on the walls make El Corona a very unique place.

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    • Street wars : Defending the neighborhood from the presence of foreigners often ends in street wars. They can start as simple street fights using fists and melee weapons, but things often get hot enough for the gangsters to shoot to death. Vándalos equipment is usually reduced to the weaponry they can easily adquire, but, from time to time, Lugartenientes may find heavy weapons to provide to their soldiers. El Comandante del Barrio is the maximum responsible for the performance against the enemies. The attacks on surrounding areas against rival gangs or in search of profit during business pop up in police records from time to time.

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    • Culture of the Lowrider: Modifying, dancing, showing and racing with these vehicles is both a profitable and interesting activity for the members of the gang. Union Station is often a place for the meeting, its name symbolizes the strong bond that keeps the members together.

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    • Carjacking: Stealing vehicles makes a great source of parts for the work in the Lowriders and further business. Sometimes it's just the parts which are needed, so it wouldn't be a surprise to find your car without wheels where you have left it.

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    • Robbery: Assaulting anything that will report an economic profit is a possible target for any Lugarteniente in need of funding. This is either done in large groups with a confrontation or, more commonly, in small groups that allow for a fast escape.

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    • Human Trafficking: Immigrants, prostitutes, people without resources... are easy targets to be promised better conditions and be delivered like slaves from a place to another or just left on the street. Prostitution is watched closely to make profit out of it.

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    Some characteristics and principles make it easy to identify the Vándalos, since they have strong moral beliefs, symbolism and tradition. The criminality they are related with is seen as something necessary for their survival and makes them think they fight for a fair cause. On the other hand, their identity is something very important as they want to stand out in the crowd and earn respect. Some of the characteristics and principles are explained below.

    • The Crown: The Crown symbolizes the neighborhood and all the principles that rule the moral code of the gang, as they say: La Corona se lleva en el alma , The Crown is worn in the soul, remembering the importance of the neighborhood but mostly of the union of their members. Die for the family or the neighborhood is something which makes you honorable, and the thoughts of a Vándalo are shaped in a way to avoid the fear because of this.

    • The Yellow Color: Symbolizes the gold color of the Crown and the feeling of belonging to the neighborhood, family and moral principles of the gang. It's a sign of identity.

    • The Lowriders: They are a symbol of power and identity and therefore essential for most of the members of the gang. These are hobbies, business and advertisement, all at once.

    • The Tattoos: They are a symbol of respect and weight in the gang structure. Each time a member reaches a higher level of responsibility within the gang he's marked properly according to his rank and merits. Tattoos also refer to other symbols of the gang.

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    The story of the neighborhood of El Corona has been written by blood since the oldest people of the city may vaguely remember. The area was occupied by Mexican and Latin communities that came illegally into the country most of the times. The lack of money and chances for the people to earn a living made most of the newcomers to start finding ways to survive many may find unethical. Nonetheless, this would often end in fights between individuals within the limits of the neighborhood and to conflicts of interests between the gangs who saw a chance to recruit fresh blood in the poor area of El Coronas. As time passed, many people saw their families destroyed by these events.

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    In June 2019, three friends would aim to unite the neighborhood in a desperate attempt to survive together, their names were Javier Vargas, Ángel Ramirez and Joaquín Ejército. All of them were born in the neighborhood and have suffered the struggle for survival in their own bodies which makes them able gather the support of the neighborhood. The real fight starts now..

    It's 6th July 2019, the gang has already grown in size and starts working in small drug business and robberies that make them a bit more known among the criminal society of San Andreas. Here starts a small relationship with Overdose Crime, which provides a first supply of drugs to the gang after some negotiations. Here, a failed deal with a gang called the Pirus, would make the gang notice bigger business are required to overcome the dangers and agresiveness would become an everyday matter. Mercy is no longer given by the new guys Andrew, Comanchero and Fernando, which survived Coronas bloodbath of this day.

    It's 11st July 2019, the relationship with Overdose Crime increases, and an alliance is formed. In this moment, the neighborhood is better protected at the same time the Pandilleros move to other cities as the requirements of the business with new known gangs require. During these days, the trips to San Fierro become something common and coyotes of the moment like López and Aguilar receive a great profit of their runs between cities.

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    During August Vándalos blinded themselves fighting Pirus around the whole city. At the same time the requirement of new resources caused Flint County to be a resource of income from small farms and drug production sites. At this time Mexican cartels start to export drugs for Vándalos to distribute in US in exchange for money and equipment.

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    LEVEL 5

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    El Jefe

    El Jefe has unlimited power over the gang, receives the support of the Comandante del Barrio as advisor and Capitanes.

    LEVEL 4

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    Comandante del Barrio

    The right hand of the Jefe and second on command has unlimited power over the whole neighborhood and has the status of “defender of the neighbourhood”. Advised by Capitanes, operates the gang in order to achieve the biggest benefit for the family.

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    Capitanes monitor all the administration and work as advisors for El Jefe and his right hand. Orders are directly given by Capitanes towards Lugartenientes’ groups.

    LEVEL 3

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    They are highly experienced members with a group of soldiers under his direct command. Their duty is to prepare his group to execute the command of the leadership and keep the control over certain areas.

    LEVEL 2

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    They provide comerciantes with the backup required to keep their small business afloat and meanwhile organize much bigger business of different kinds. They make a much bigger profit than comerciantes, but it’s linked to the success of their negotIations.

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    While Chispas have a general knowledge of many things, Especialistas are experts in a certain field but work more efficiently. Their duty varies a lot depending on the specialization field.

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    In short, they are the elite soldier of the gang. Their duty is to protect important places of the neighbourhood and offer protection to the highest ranking members. A higher ability to handle weapons and better self defense skills make them different from regular pandilleros.

    LEVEL 1

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    It’s the ironic name for the members who are responsible to make and promote business of the gang, mostly small drug dealing. They are a source of small but constant income and work closely with the Mandantes that provide them with resources.

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    Ability with mechanics, electricity and other kind of knowledge is what makes a chispas special. Mostly they are responsible for vehicle mechanics works but sometimes, their knowledge is used to acquire a bigger profit.

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    Once a coyote or novato is fully welcome into the community of the neighbourhood he is given a proper look and signs and becomes a regular member of los Vándalos called Pandillero. Pandilleros patrol the streets of El Corona and represent the main force of attack and defense of the gang. They lack any special ability apart from weapon handling and self defense.

    LEVEL 0

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    Coyotes are novatos who are skilled enough to move drugs from a place to another without being noticed. They are often exposed to the risks of being caught by the police but often lack a long criminal story.

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    Novatos are people who have made it far enough to be accepted inside the neighborhood as one more Vándalo. Nonetheless, they have to prove themselves loyal to the beliefs of the gang and are sent towards any kind of situation to show their worthiness.

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    These are the highly respected members of the Vandalos, they usually are the higher rankings who made a name within the gang's overall hierarchy and are considered to be one of the prominent members of the gang.

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    They are the respected members within the group. They usually helped the gang in a huge way and are always in touch when needed.

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    El Coronas Meeting House

    The heart of the neighbourhood, where members relax together, organize meetings and enjoy several other society related activities.

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    El Coronas Butchery

    A business in the neighborhood, which is the starting point of a delievery chain under a reliable cover

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    Las Colinas Butchery

    Another of the business that is part of the delievery chain, hidden under a reliable cover and also a projection of influence over nearby territories.

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    Las Flores Flat

    One of the safe places for the gang members to lay low and to use for drug distribution.

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    Unity Station Warehouse

    The main place for general storage, from vehicles to drugs, located near El Coronas, makes a perfect hidden area for it to be unnoticeable and also provides good ways of escape for it to be evacuated incase it would be needed.

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    1. Always follow game rules available here : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/6088/saes-rpg-rules-regulations-translated

    2. Always follow the gang specific rules you may find below, and those instructed by the HQ

    3. Try to always stay in your role - events are the only exception

    4. Use your roleplay name when you are in a RP. The rest of the time you should use [VeC]Nick with or without rank.

    5. Follow HQ orders. If something makes you unable to do it, state why and make sure to save a small proof.

    6. Official meeting point is El Coronas meeting house and Unity Station for secondary matters.

    7. When spawned as police, remove the gang tags

    8. Members will be given warnings for breaking any rules of the above. In order, verbal warning, demotion and kick. For severe offenses 2 warnings may be applied directly.

    9. Attempt to RP when offered to at all times unless there is a good reason not to.

    War against Pirus

    By the present document The Pirus and Vándalos de El Corona agree to maintain a FULL TIME WAR in LOS SANTOS AREA, with the approval of Gang Management.

    FIRST: The war is 24 hours in LOS SANTOS CITY, there will be no peace moments to avoid missunderstands
    SECOND: Members may only attack eachother when spawned criminal and wearing the gang tags
    THIRD: Gangs won't attack eachother while holding RP activities, only in RP way (use RP-tags to avoid confusion)
    FOURTH: Jailbreaks are excluded from gang war due to F1 rules
    FIFTH: Events are exluded from gang war due to interfering with other players gameplay
    SIXTH: This war may be cancelled by announcing the peace to the other gang and gang management.

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    alt text

    So you have decided to join us? Make sure you have read and understood the rules before applying, also, below you can find our minimum requirements and instructions on how to proceed forward, good luck!


    • Knowledge of F1 and gang rules

    • Basic level of English that makes an efficient communication possible

    • Basic level of gang's role and roleplaying in general

    • High levels of common sense

    If you have decided to finally apply, good luck, shortly your application be answered, we kindly expect you to not ask for it to be reviewed, just be patient. Please, also use helper tags only when you hang around with the members of the gang that are up to it, and not to hang around.

    Then, you may get one of these answers:

    alt text
    Welcome aboard, meet a HQ ingame for an invite!
    alt text
    You lacked something in your application or in your behaviour ingame. You'll be probably be given more instructions but probably it will be a matter of spending some time with the members of the gang that are up to it and proving yourself worth. Remember not to use helper tags when you're not hanging with us!

    alt text
    Your application needs a bit of discussion! Please be patient, we will get back to you as soon as discussion has concluded.

    alt text
    Sadly you don't fullfill a requirement of the ones listed before or you lack something that will be explained to you. A time will be given to you in which you can re-apply and you may still hanging with us unless you're told not to do so.

    alt text
    You've totally done the opposite you were told to do and you're not welcome to join, ever.

    Application form

    Use complete sentences, make sure to fill everything and explain the best possible in each question in order for us to have a clearer look on your profile

    ^[**Part 1: Information**]
    **Account Name:**
    **Past G/S/Cs (cite why you're not part of them anymore):**
    **Have you ever been punished before? (Adminjail, Ban, etc.):**
    **Tell us about yourself:**
    ^[**Part 2: Roleplaying**]
    >**Roleplay Name:** (preferably latino name) 
    **Additional Information:**
    ^[**Part 3: Understanding**]
    >**How well do you speak English?**
    **How well do you Roleplay?:**
    **Why do you want to join our gang?:**
    **Explain the gang role with your words :**(no need to name the criminal activities)
    **To validate your application, please post a photo of a latino gang member with spoilers:**

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