New Companie - GAD (Grind All Day)
By HrAntu, in Groups

  • Group name - Grind All Day
    Group tag - GAD
    Backstory - When i was a little boy i grew up with 2 other friends. We liked to watch cars on the road and count them. We used to pretend that they were our own. We used to go do summer jobs and earn money to buy ourselves a beach buggy. By the time we grew up we all got jobs and went on with our life. Once we came together and had a party, we had a discussion who had the best car. The person with the weakest car got mad and got 2 other jobs to buy a new car, stronger, better looking and faster car. We all wanted to show each other who had the best car, the best house, the best life. So here we are GRINDING ALL DAY.
    Roleplay - Some
    Members - 5
    Group rules -

    1. Don't kill others in the group.
    2. Earn lots of money.
    3. Have fun.

    Group value - 48K
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  • Waiting to it be offical

  • Nice group for arrogant people ! 😃 Good luck !

  • Good luck!