How to report

  • Please refrain from using the report section for discussions as this is not the place
    failure to serve the golden rule within the report section will result in a temp forum ban.

    Minor rulebreaks should be reported ingame by using ( /report ) as these will be ignored on the forums. This includes deathmatching: our ingame logs better show damage taken etc. so we don't rely on screenshots

    Do you wish to report someone anonymously ? Contact any SAES member at discord

    Include in your title, name of Offender, and type of report.

    Include in your report, when it happened, why you were there and name other witnesses if you have them.

    Screenshots can be uploaded trough and videos can be done trough

    Include in your report the story from your side if not wanting to, you can PM the staff/admin that has assigned themself.

    Only the person reporting and members of SAES are allowed to reply or comment to topics within this section.

    You may only report one issue per topic.

  • People still don't quite seem to understand that you cannot post in a report that is nothing to do with you.

    You will be banned from forums temporarily if you do this.