How to install GUI Editor

  • GUI Editor is a resource designed to allow creation and manipulation of GUI elements in-game, with the ability to generate the corresponding Lua code and output it to a file.

    All credits go to R3mp for making this tool.

    alt text

    First of all, click here to download the resource.

    Once downloaded, you must put it in the resources folder of our MTA SA as you do with other resources, but with a slight difference, this will be extracted in a folder:

    alt text

    When you go inside the folder it must look like this:

    alt text

  • While downloading it, gui editor may require two acl objects which are the general.ModifyOtherObjects and function.callRemote without getting or mentioning both's functionalities as its mentioned on the guieditor download website description to allow them you need to type these two lines in your console :
    aclrequest allow guieditor general.ModifyOtherObjects
    aclrequest allow guieditor function.callRemote
    Or just modify the acl.xml file directly where you will find both objects in the file with a false status to the permission just change from false to true