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    1. Personal data section

    1.1 Account information
    Nickname: Benz
    Nationality: Egyptian
    Spoken language(s): Arabic and English

    1. Organization section

    2.1 Personal specifics
    Former organization(s): i am an old member of OC (i am BlackPhoenix, if you remember this name)
    Reason(s) of leaving: because the gang closed and i didnt know it opened again until now
    Why have you chosen to join OverdoseCrime?: i thought of you guys because as i mentioned i am an ex-member, so, why not reconnect with you guys, you know.

    2.2 Management specifics
    Outline your relevant skills and strengths, that you can provide for OverdoseCrime (We do NOT ask for in-game skills, such as shooting, driving etc.): well i dont know much about the drugs, but i think i have seen a couple of movies that describe how they are sold. I think selling proteins is the same thing.
    Describe how you would solve any problem with a fellow gang member: i will go and talk to him in the presence of the gang leader, and i will try to reach a solution that satisfies both of us . The gang leader should be there as a witness, in case the gang member tried to trick me or sth.

    2.3 OverdoseCrime specifics
    Define OverdoseCrime: OC is a gang that sells proteins and drug illegally. It also trains people who think they are weak to become stronger and be able to face the world. OC also has a factory for producing gym requirements. Also OC is a very hard working gang, as it lives by the motto "attempt the impossible in order to improve your work", this means that you guys actually want to always keep improving and wont allow anything that stops you from doing so. OC is very inspiring actually, how the three men, Mrwan lorenzo and loay, turned from poor men to the leaders of the gang that rules the world of selling drugs and protein supplements is so inspiring.

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