Reporting UNKNOWN

  • So my account got hacked , i will tell you from the beggining || so yesterday at night like 22:00gmt+8;00 i'm online and off with an hour , before i log off i have check my bankacc , cars ,props . my bank was 7m+ or something and a 100k+ in my pocket and i got 6cars or more and most of it has v8 and awd . then it was all set! then i turned off my pc , go sleep . tommorow , at 9:00GMT+8:00 i woke up and getting ready for school , after 11hours it was like 20:00GMT+8:00 i got to home and eat some foods for dinner , after of it , i sitted on my computer , turned on , opened mta , clicked saesrpg server and tried to logon on my account , and it says "Invalid Credentials" i have removed my accname and also password aswell , and put it again , and it says again "Invalid Credentials" and tried it again , when i can't try , i made a new acc and it's "wkwk" and asked an admin "why i can't login my mainacc" and asnwers me . after it , i reconencted and i'm happy that i have loggedin in my account , and i doubt and i said in my self "Why im on general spawn yesterday i belong on Police Spawn" , after it i realize my account was hacked , and there was a disk near , and checked my guns and cars , and im shocked to see , my Cars was removed but guns is fine . and i have check my bank and i'm shocked agan to see there was "$189k+" left . and i yell in mainchat and said" MY ACCOUTN IS HACKED" ... heres some proof my acc was hacked ope n the spoiler , in the radar with circle my prop was there , and now it's owned by [B~B]Marwyn(mrwano) , i am not sure if he is the guy who hacked or a hacker just out it on sale and Marwyn bought it.

    I help Admins/Players can help me back my account. and bring back my cars , prop and money. Thank You.

  • Can any usefull admin can help me ?

  • In all of your incoherent rambling you have not even provided your 'hacker' accounts username.

  • The property was bought by me after I found it on sale .
    proof :

  • @Marwyn said in Reporting UNKNOWN:

    The property was bought by me after I found it on sale .
    proof :

    it wasn't on sale when i left the game