reporting licano for dming

  • First he dms me multiple times at lv x and i can't even arrest him because cops there always bribe him.
    Then he just deletes my report about himself and freezes me forever.

  • What's in your first screenshot topbar?

    Ah yeah... You just arresting a guy. Which you did like, a lot of times every time you went to lv x while they had 2 stars or so. That isn't bad tho! So I just killed you trying to stop you from arresting a friend, sadly I failed.

    However, yeah I sadly got timed while trying to explain to you killing you after you try to arrest is not against the rules, and telling you to read F1 since fake reporting is against the rules.

    To which your response was:

    Then I got timed out, ask my internet providor why and hence you got stuck in the air frozen. I tried to log in to unfreeze you but when I was able to log in back again, you were gone.

    To me, this is nothing but a child cry. But @Joe @master you deal with it boss.

  • Hey.

    In short this report is nonsense.

    We wont be taking any action off the back of it and I would implore you in future to not report people who are attempting to prevent you from arresting people as a cop.

    Your attitude was also horrendous. Please take stock of your behaviour and adjust it.