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    Mid Night Club is a San andreas street racing association that hosted illegal top speed themed races on the Las Venturas Highway The club was formed in 1987 from 2 friends.

    it is the Mid Night Club, which had this name because meetings always took place after midnight at a predetermined location. The Mid Night Club was known to be one of the longest-running street gangs in San Andreas and by extremely demanding standards for anyone who wanted to become a member. First of all, it was necessary to have a car capable of surpassing 250 km / h. Then prove that he knew what to do with it. Finally, if approved, he had to attend all meetings organized by the club over a year.

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    About 10% of the candidates were able to become a member of the group. Once inside, however, it was not difficult to be turned off: just doing anything dangerous to the other drivers on the streets or to the other members. For this reason, the gang had always had, on average, 30 members.

    The races took place on the highway linking Las Venturas to Los Santos and it was there that one of the requirements to enter the gang was justified: when the Mid Night Club promoted races between its members or involving the Bōsōzoku(Rival gang with Motorcycles), cars often arrived at 300 km / h. At that time, Japan's police cars had their top speed limited to 180 km / h and so the law men simply could not catch the midnight street pilots.

    It was a Friday night in 1999. A Bōsōzoku always caused problems in LV-LS highway, and was seen by a member of the Mid Night Club. He flashed his headlights to make himself known, and the two began to race there, reaching speeds of over 280 km / h in no time. They say the motorcyclist was drunk, lost control of the motorcycle and ended up crashing into a car that hit one of the walls of the runway, killing his driver at the time. Others say that two members of the motorcycle gang were actually hospitalized, plus two Midnight Club members and six passers-by. No one knows for sure.

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    Mid nigth club is an street racer organization, we want to find the best racers and bring them to our club, build a huge crew to do much money , transporting making deals and ilegal races

    Transport - Our club do many types of transports, we are able to transport emigrants, prostitutes, drugs, weapons, illegal drinks and as legal jobs we are able to do fast transports of whatever people need.I must emphasize that we just do fast transports like important people

    Race - Our club organize and participate in many race events, We create illegal races in every single country and town, this races have a prize to attract people. We sponsor legal races to earn money to charity and wash our money doing it

    Deals - Our club is able to do deals,this deals are to complete criminals jobs as professional driver,we are responsible for drive them till the place and the escape that was planed by the intrested part, these agreements consist in:

    • The interested part should contact and meet with us, when the intrestested part meet with us they must have a plan and everything defined

    • We will take a time to analyze take our conclusions and think about if this deal is gainful;
    • We will meet for the second time and give an answer, in this part we can present some sugestions wich can make the plan better
    • Job Price negotiation;
    • Plan in practice.

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    Applicant Main Information :

    • Nickname:
    • Username:
    • Age:
    • Nationality:
    • Languages you can speak:
    • How long have you been playing on SAES? :
    • Do you have past experience with other gangs/squads/companies? (name them) :
    • You know any members of Mid Night Club? If yes , who ?
    • Why you want be a MNC member ?
  • Good luck