Reporting Parliament from FBI for DM

  • Before anything I'd like to declare that I did report him in-game but the admins were too busy and no FBI HQ answered me so I didn't want this to be forgotten.

    I was driving with my friend Amphefamine and we saw a bunch of cops(we're playing has cops too),
    So I was just curious and while un-wanted me and parliament or any-one in my car he starts shooting me for no reason damaging my car and tires.

    Note that I am playing cop with the name "CANECO".


    EDIT: Organization of screenshots

  • Hi @Hyng . As you stated, some times the staff team also SAES members might be busy, so they won't solve the reports that are made right away. However, the report not being sorted in the following two minutes after you made it, doesn't mean it won't be handled. The reports are saved waiting for the rest of the team to check on them. Now I'm not sure if the report was sorted already or not, but bringing this kind of reports into the forums is inofficious since then we won't have logs to check and we won't have any other tool at our provision to take a decision based on our discretion.
    However, this is going to be reviewed and then the issue will be closed once we come into a conclusion.

  • I only came to report in forums about 20+ minutes after the in-game report and it didn't get solved in-game later on either and I played for couple more hours after.

  • This post is deleted!
  • In reference to your now deleted post @Joshbond

    No, it's not okay for you to respond to a report as has been clearly outlined mutliple times across multiple reports and ban appeals on forums. If you wish to discuss the report as the representative for a squad, do so privately with the affected individuals. This topic serves as a discussion between a reporter, a reportee and the staff team dealing with the incident.

  • Why hasn't Parliament responded? Does he have nothing to say in he's defense?

  • Player in question has admitted responsibility and has been jailed as a result of this report.